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Rochdale came to play football, I’ll give them that! I wish I could say the same about our team. I actually liked the lineup (as a cup game) but also as I expected, many players disappointed and are no way near United material. Playing a team like Rochdale we all want to see many goals and a dominance, but again, it’s just not realistic. Can you tell me last time united crushed a team in the cup? We should have won comfortably yesterday but was it really a big surprise how it ended? Not at all. One thing is what we want to see, and then there’s the realistic part, we have a thin squad so we better get used to this. If you want to see youth coming trough you have to deal with these kind of games. Yes, Pogba played but without a balanced team he’s not going to smash the opponents that easy. That’s just how football is. He started after being injured and it was a good game for him to play to get into it again. Our lineup will be different on Monday, a much more difficult task and a different attitude is needed.

I wrote about my thoughts on Ole yesterday and why I think it’s important to support him so I won’t repeat myself too much, people have different opinions and that’s fine. But too many acts like spoiled kids that just want the prize and they don’t understand it’s a road, a long road to get to it. We all agree that this isn’t Manchester United and how we should play and perform! We all want better than this! But don’t be a prick online and it’s time to stop moaning about things that won’t be changed now anyway! Of course you are allowed to be upset, it’s normal to be that when your team doesn’t perform but there’s a line. And the line is crossed.

Whether you are Solskjær in or out- give our manager respect. Many wrote to me ‘he’s terrible but just and because he scored some goals for us he get away with it’..

…just some goals you say? First of all he is A CLUB LEGEND. He has written history not only for Manchester United but also for English football. When people are saying shit like that you end up with zero respect because it shows how little you know and how little you respect our club.

I support Solskjær but you all are right on he hasn’t proved he’s a top manager material- YET. I can’t say for sure he will be one of the best managers in the world in the future because me – just like the rest- isn’t psychic. For him to get on with his team he needs a) TIME and b) MONEY! Right now we can’t buy players so it’s time we need to give him.

I will never stop to support my team. And when we have a manager who got a plan for the future I support, I will back him 100% and it doesn’t matter who it is as long as he wants to improve the team. Right now it’s Ole Gunnar Solskjær and of course it’s cool that he’s Norwegian, but it’s not the reason I support him (as many are saying on twitter🙄😂) I support him because he is rebuilding United, he has gotten rid of many players that needed to go, his 3 new players has been absolutely amazing so far and proves he got a plan for what he wants, he will when the team are balanced, play attacking and entertaining football. Even though the results has so far been disappointing, project Solskjær hasn’t.

We all support our team different. But have respect for each other, don’t take it to a personal level if you disagree.

This is how I look at things right now:

I’m not expecting too much, I know our squad isn’t good enough to face tough teams. I will enjoy the young lads when they’re playing. I get so excited seeing them playing and I will support them all I can because they need it. I will back my team and manager because time is what they need now before transfers can be done in January. For me, that’s what I think a fan should do right now.

And, at the end of the day, a win is a win. On to the next one. 

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