About time for a new post?!

Today it all begins again and I can’t wait! The kickoff in Premier League is bigger than Christmas Eve and birthdays and if you don’t agree you’re not normal 🤪 Arsenal gave a good opening for sure yesterday, Premier League is full of surprises and that’s why I love it!

Last season

Second place in the Premier League, United fought for a while for number 1 but we, as all the other teams, couldn’t compare with City. They won deserved, but I’m happy with a second place. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t collect second places, but it was better than I first had thought so absolutely an improvement.

Out of all cups except Europa League and the last weeks we all had the final in our minds, nothing else matters. I was so excited, I took all of my shirts out and decorated our home for hours. It was beautiful and we had as many people we were allowed at that time (10) over to watch it. I said before the final that this season would be defined over this result. If Solskjær finally won a trophy it would be a really good season. If they lost, it would be a season with lots of improvements and definitely a progress, but also that’s it. We all know how it ended and there’s a reason I haven’t been blogging, I needed a break. It’s not easy being a supporter wearing your heart on the sleeve. Disappointed was an understatement.

United lost with the smallest margins possible. It shouldn’t be possible losing a final when all the players scored in a penalty shootout.. Christina said before the final she wished all of them could score and she did at least get that wish filled. De Gea missing was painful to watch. My gut told me we were going to lose after extra time, when it goes to penalties it’s a bit like bingo. You could tell everyone had been practicing on it and it sucks losing that way.

Losing the final kind of summed up the whole season. Almost there. We’re almond there.

Don’t look back in anger 

New season. I’m getting some friendly banter of being to positive on my social media. I take it as a compliment. Because it’s so much easier being negative. That goes to everything in life really, but of course also in football. With a brand new season and absolutely every to be happy about no one can take the positivity away from me!😃

Wait, one thing can. Corona. This will be the second Premier League start I miss because it f the pandemic and I’m crying thinking of it!! I miss Manchester so much and unfortunately I’ve only gotten the first vaccine, waiting for the second. So many have asked me why I haven’t got it earlier… like it’s my choice. Norway have been so slow getting the vaccines out and I’m in the last group. So I have my last jab late September but crossing my fingers I can get it earlier. Then I’ll book a trip ASAP. With the delta virus I don’t wanna risk anything, getting sick or/and put other in risk. Not worth it so gotta be patient.

Expectations for the season

Expectations are always there. I’m an optimist remember 😄 There was big improvements last season, but also a lot missing.

First thing missing is a solid partner to Maguire. Now we got Varane. A world class player! Buzzing about that. I actually thought he was at least 30 so happy when I realized he’s only 28, still some good years left. And most importantly, he got a winning mentality. He’s played against the best- and won. United have been great, sometimes amazing, but they can never keep it going and stay consistent. We need more – and better players. We also need a defensive midfielder and a right back so AWB feels the competition and steps up. Trippier is close some say and I hope that’s right. Now with Sancho finally signed as well we should be expecting more on the right side! A great signing and I can’t wait to see him in action. Seeing City signing Grealish and strong rumors about Kane.. They have 2 full teams, how can anyone compare?! Seriously..

Always focus on your team, but impossible not to get angry over the way City do business. There’s a difference using earned money and getting ridiculous sponsorships from their owner. Financial FairPlay where you at? Definitely not in England. Or Paris lol.

So yes, expectations.. I believe United are stronger this season. And it’s time for Solskjær to win something now. I don’t believe we (or anyone else) can compete with City in the long run. I believe Liverpool and Chelsea will be a lot stronger this season as well so it will be a tight fight. For United it has to go well from start. We can’t afford Varane and Sancho using months to fit in. Rash is out to October/November? Means Greenwood and Martial needs to deliver immediately. Cavani misses first game, same with Varane. Seeing the pre-season the boys looks really sharp and fit so let’s hope the lineup is good and they are ready.

The Pogba-saga. 

World class player. Got benched by Mourinho and the attitude were toxic. Solskjær came in and his first task was to fix the Pogba-problem. Solskjær trusted Paul and he was in the lineup against Cardiff under a new manager. He was brilliant.


I’ve written about Pogba many times. I’ve defended him and I’ve also said enough is enough. I don’t mind players being linked to other clubs or wanting a better deal. But there’s a clear line between business and greed. No player is bigger than the club. Pogba seems to forget that sometimes. He is at his best, one of the best midfielder in the world. Unfortunately he doesn’t deliver consistent enough and he is not irreplaceable. The agents represent the players and talk for them, and Raiola is not afraid to make headlines. It does not, in Pogbas situation, make him more popular in the fan base so I struggle with seeing the agenda. If he wants to leave, leave! But when you have a contract and it’s months before transfers can be done, shut the F up and play for the team you get millions off every week.

With that said, I do not hate Pogba. I’ve said many times I feel he is a misunderstood player. He got a big personality and many people hate that. He is an easy person to pick on. He danced in a wedding and had a bad game the week after?! Come on, players are still people, they are allowed to live. Pogba doesn’t even drink alcohol but we northern people forget that because we need 10 drinks in each leg before we go dancing. There’s so much double standards and Pogba gets it. We shame on Pogba but legends like Best and Rooney we love even though they were unfaithful all the time, drank a lot and one flirted with City.. The irony..

Sell or keep?

I’m fine with both scenarios to be honest. I believe he is motivated now and he thrives with good players around him. United got that now. But things changes quickly in this game and I’m tired of the negativity around Pogba. It splits the fans, it brings toxicity into the dressing room, egos comes up. I don’t want that. So if he goes, fine. If he stays, fine. But if he stays he should show United the respect and sign a new deal. If he refuse, they should sell him ASAP and move on.


I just don’t see his heart being in this club. I’d prefer that he got sold, but with Rash out maybe half the season we need forwards so I guess he’ll staying. If I’m being proved wrong, nothing is better than that because it means I judged too fast. But how many years can we have Martial and waiting for the world class in him to come out? He shines maybe a couple of games. All I ask for is a good attitude and 100% when you’re out on the pitch. Fingers crossed.


The biggest surprise in the Premier League last season? He was great in Weat Ham and I loved it! He’s been open about his problems, we have to remember this is people. It seems like he have a great relationship with Solskjær and they agreed on a loan. I still mean his time in United is up. We need world class players. But again, he has now proved he got it in him so if he stays I won’t be angry. He’s way better than say Pereira which I honestly don’t get why he is still a United player..

Glazers out?

I have written about our owners many times. And for me this isn’t a black or white/ yes or no answer. Because, who is the realistic byer? An oil sheik? That is my absolute nightmare. So I’d rather have the Glazers as owner if that’s the option. Many probably thinks differently, but we wouldn’t be much different from City then? Buying success with blood money. That would probably be the end for me as a season ticket holder and regular traveler. The last nail in the coffin. I think the way the Glazers has handled the business for themselves is good only for themselves and that’s the biggest issue for me. Putting all the debt into our club and take money out from the club every year without investing in it. That’s not ok. I was fuming when the news about the super league came out and thought enough is enough. Football is, and will always be for the fans. And the way our owners went behind the fans, manager and all the players back to try and make a money-making super league for the elite with no relegation. Definitely not ok!!!

But am I boycotting Manchester United? I’m not. I can’t imagine not supporting my club. I still have my season ticket. So am I a hypocrite? For some I probably am. But who are other people to tell me or other fans what to do and not to do? We have to stop with the police behaving on social media. Lead as an example. Educate those who knows nothing about our club. Show options, but behave. No one will change their opinions if you’re mean. I haven’t bought the official shirts, but I have the replica. That’s an option for me now. For me that’s fine. If you mean something else, that’s also fine, but take the abuse somewhere else. So so strange behavior reading angry (often anonymous men) online in total rage over a girl wearing a shirt. Like people can’t decide what they can use their own money on🥶 So stop that, look at the bigger picture and your agenda.

My agenda or whatever it is, it’s pretty simple. I write about Manchester United because I love the club and it’s my passion. My social media is a place for me to show my support. I don’t compare myself with others, I do my thing as I’ve always done. I support others and if I see something I don’t like, a scroll past it. My plattforms isn’t a place where negativity, bullying or abuse is allowed. I won’t tolerate it, and my agenda is the total opposite. There´s so many accounts trying to be big and the use click bate to get attention. I use my some only because I enjoy writing and posting about our club and I appreciate my followers, but I won’t fall for things that may give you more followers. With that said, its clear I´m still Ole in, haha!

First round: Manchester United vs Leeds.

Finally GAMEDAY! How I have missed this feeling. Fans are finally back at Old Trafford and it will be amazing hearing Stone Roses blasting out whilst everyone singing! Ahhh.. I can’t talk about me not being there. I´m so excited anyways and will be watching the game at some friends then a concert later. I will post a pre-match post about the game later on my Instagram.


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