Yes, it’s early. Yes, it will probably change. BUT WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!

Words can’t describe how good that feels to say out loud!!

Who would have guessed huh????

Well, the people who believe in the process!! I have from day one backed and support Solskjær. He took over a team that were a mess, the culture inside the club seemed rotten. When players turn against their manager it’s really bad. We had that, a load full of deadwood that had been on Uniteds payroll way too long, fans demands instant results and it’s the biggest club in the world.

I’ve never said Ole is THE MAN for United. We have to wait and see. But I’ve seen a plan since he came in. He’s gotten rid of many players, even the players we wanted to stay was the right decision in the long run to let go. He wants players who wants to fight for United. He doesn’t demand loyalty their whole career, but when they play for United they shall deliver! Pogba is an excellent example, us fans who think with our hearts probably wants him off ASAP, but it isn’t always the correct decision in football. Ole isn’t a muppet, he isn’t as sweet and happy as he seems in interviews. He got control and he has proven that.

I had to send a little thought to those who couldn’t celebrate the win and our position yesterday. Imagine being more into social media popularity than supporting your own team and manager.

Yesterday was an ugly victory. So important. Sunday we’re facing Liverpool and I’m seriously so excited!!! It won’t be easy but it’s two very good teams that meets and that’s what I love about football.

To celebrate top of the league I’m giving away a free of choice football shirt on my Instagram! Make sure to check it out 😃

Hello 2021

Happy new year everyone! It feels good to finally say goodbye to 2020, I really hope this year will be a better one for the world.

A new year doesn’t mean things just will change, Corona is still very much here and we all have to be careful, and we don’t know for how long. But I urge you to do something about a certain situation in your life if it’s something you have thought a lot about and do you no good. I see so many people being stuck in a place/ situation they shouldn’t be in. If it’s work related, economics, relationships with friends/ family or your partner. The beauty of this life is that we have our own will, and it’s never too late to do something new. Don’t spend another year doing the same shit. Everything start with your mindset, some things can be really hard to do something about, but you have to start somewhere. I learned a really good tip years ago reading Sir Alex second biography, where he said he never went to bed with difficult thoughts. If he was in tough situations, he sat down at least one hour every night thinking about them and what he could do to fix it. He wrote down the plan and he could go to bed with no stress. I promise you this tip really helps! I think we all at one time have struggled with sleep because something is going on in your life and you don’t know what to do.. So sit down, write down your problems and then the first step to fix it, it may be 100 steps before a solution, but then you have started and you will feel less stressed about it.
A positive mindset is everything, why on earth should we go around being negative? Literally nothing good comes out of it. I know it’s the easiest thing to say, but your actions follows your thoughts. It follows your beliefs and ideas, and to make a change you have to start with your mind.

This is something I’ve thought about a lot and worked on myself the last couple of years and it works. It’s not easy because working with changing your mindset etc is a constant job. It still is! I don’t have big New Years resolutions but I will write down a plan (I love to write lists haha) so I do remember them better.
For me it’s crucial to get up early and work out everyday. We bought a treadmill under our first lockdown in Norway and to get 30-60 min with cardio each day before everything else is the best thing for me. I feel so sharp and in two days I start my new semester with an intensive 6 months class with digital marketing. I can’t wait, but I know as I expect good results from myself I have to work hard. So having a healthy lifestyle is so important to that.

As I said, I know it can be hard and difficult to know where to begin, but read these questions and write down the answers and you can already then see what you need to change;

How are you spending your time?

Are you taking care of yourself?

What food/energy are you giving your body?

Who are you spending time with?

What thoughts are you entertaining most?

What are you watching/listening to?

Are you pursuing your passions?

What/ to who are you giving your energy?

Are you listening to your soul?

Have you been kind to your self?

We owe it to ourselves to be kinder to our body and mind. Social media is not the real world. Our days and everyday life doesn’t come with a filter, it’s raw and honest. Don’t compare that to a fake environment.


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