About time for a new post?!

Today it all begins again and I can’t wait! The kickoff in Premier League is bigger than Christmas Eve and birthdays and if you don’t agree you’re not normal 🤪 Arsenal gave a good opening for sure yesterday, Premier League is full of surprises and that’s why I love it!

Last season

Second place in the Premier League, United fought for a while for number 1 but we, as all the other teams, couldn’t compare with City. They won deserved, but I’m happy with a second place. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t collect second places, but it was better than I first had thought so absolutely an improvement.

Out of all cups except Europa League and the last weeks we all had the final in our minds, nothing else matters. I was so excited, I took all of my shirts out and decorated our home for hours. It was beautiful and we had as many people we were allowed at that time (10) over to watch it. I said before the final that this season would be defined over this result. If Solskjær finally won a trophy it would be a really good season. If they lost, it would be a season with lots of improvements and definitely a progress, but also that’s it. We all know how it ended and there’s a reason I haven’t been blogging, I needed a break. It’s not easy being a supporter wearing your heart on the sleeve. Disappointed was an understatement.

United lost with the smallest margins possible. It shouldn’t be possible losing a final when all the players scored in a penalty shootout.. Christina said before the final she wished all of them could score and she did at least get that wish filled. De Gea missing was painful to watch. My gut told me we were going to lose after extra time, when it goes to penalties it’s a bit like bingo. You could tell everyone had been practicing on it and it sucks losing that way.

Losing the final kind of summed up the whole season. Almost there. We’re almond there.

Don’t look back in anger 

New season. I’m getting some friendly banter of being to positive on my social media. I take it as a compliment. Because it’s so much easier being negative. That goes to everything in life really, but of course also in football. With a brand new season and absolutely every to be happy about no one can take the positivity away from me!😃

Wait, one thing can. Corona. This will be the second Premier League start I miss because it f the pandemic and I’m crying thinking of it!! I miss Manchester so much and unfortunately I’ve only gotten the first vaccine, waiting for the second. So many have asked me why I haven’t got it earlier… like it’s my choice. Norway have been so slow getting the vaccines out and I’m in the last group. So I have my last jab late September but crossing my fingers I can get it earlier. Then I’ll book a trip ASAP. With the delta virus I don’t wanna risk anything, getting sick or/and put other in risk. Not worth it so gotta be patient.

Expectations for the season

Expectations are always there. I’m an optimist remember 😄 There was big improvements last season, but also a lot missing.

First thing missing is a solid partner to Maguire. Now we got Varane. A world class player! Buzzing about that. I actually thought he was at least 30 so happy when I realized he’s only 28, still some good years left. And most importantly, he got a winning mentality. He’s played against the best- and won. United have been great, sometimes amazing, but they can never keep it going and stay consistent. We need more – and better players. We also need a defensive midfielder and a right back so AWB feels the competition and steps up. Trippier is close some say and I hope that’s right. Now with Sancho finally signed as well we should be expecting more on the right side! A great signing and I can’t wait to see him in action. Seeing City signing Grealish and strong rumors about Kane.. They have 2 full teams, how can anyone compare?! Seriously..

Always focus on your team, but impossible not to get angry over the way City do business. There’s a difference using earned money and getting ridiculous sponsorships from their owner. Financial FairPlay where you at? Definitely not in England. Or Paris lol.

So yes, expectations.. I believe United are stronger this season. And it’s time for Solskjær to win something now. I don’t believe we (or anyone else) can compete with City in the long run. I believe Liverpool and Chelsea will be a lot stronger this season as well so it will be a tight fight. For United it has to go well from start. We can’t afford Varane and Sancho using months to fit in. Rash is out to October/November? Means Greenwood and Martial needs to deliver immediately. Cavani misses first game, same with Varane. Seeing the pre-season the boys looks really sharp and fit so let’s hope the lineup is good and they are ready.

The Pogba-saga. 

World class player. Got benched by Mourinho and the attitude were toxic. Solskjær came in and his first task was to fix the Pogba-problem. Solskjær trusted Paul and he was in the lineup against Cardiff under a new manager. He was brilliant.


I’ve written about Pogba many times. I’ve defended him and I’ve also said enough is enough. I don’t mind players being linked to other clubs or wanting a better deal. But there’s a clear line between business and greed. No player is bigger than the club. Pogba seems to forget that sometimes. He is at his best, one of the best midfielder in the world. Unfortunately he doesn’t deliver consistent enough and he is not irreplaceable. The agents represent the players and talk for them, and Raiola is not afraid to make headlines. It does not, in Pogbas situation, make him more popular in the fan base so I struggle with seeing the agenda. If he wants to leave, leave! But when you have a contract and it’s months before transfers can be done, shut the F up and play for the team you get millions off every week.

With that said, I do not hate Pogba. I’ve said many times I feel he is a misunderstood player. He got a big personality and many people hate that. He is an easy person to pick on. He danced in a wedding and had a bad game the week after?! Come on, players are still people, they are allowed to live. Pogba doesn’t even drink alcohol but we northern people forget that because we need 10 drinks in each leg before we go dancing. There’s so much double standards and Pogba gets it. We shame on Pogba but legends like Best and Rooney we love even though they were unfaithful all the time, drank a lot and one flirted with City.. The irony..

Sell or keep?

I’m fine with both scenarios to be honest. I believe he is motivated now and he thrives with good players around him. United got that now. But things changes quickly in this game and I’m tired of the negativity around Pogba. It splits the fans, it brings toxicity into the dressing room, egos comes up. I don’t want that. So if he goes, fine. If he stays, fine. But if he stays he should show United the respect and sign a new deal. If he refuse, they should sell him ASAP and move on.


I just don’t see his heart being in this club. I’d prefer that he got sold, but with Rash out maybe half the season we need forwards so I guess he’ll staying. If I’m being proved wrong, nothing is better than that because it means I judged too fast. But how many years can we have Martial and waiting for the world class in him to come out? He shines maybe a couple of games. All I ask for is a good attitude and 100% when you’re out on the pitch. Fingers crossed.


The biggest surprise in the Premier League last season? He was great in Weat Ham and I loved it! He’s been open about his problems, we have to remember this is people. It seems like he have a great relationship with Solskjær and they agreed on a loan. I still mean his time in United is up. We need world class players. But again, he has now proved he got it in him so if he stays I won’t be angry. He’s way better than say Pereira which I honestly don’t get why he is still a United player..

Glazers out?

I have written about our owners many times. And for me this isn’t a black or white/ yes or no answer. Because, who is the realistic byer? An oil sheik? That is my absolute nightmare. So I’d rather have the Glazers as owner if that’s the option. Many probably thinks differently, but we wouldn’t be much different from City then? Buying success with blood money. That would probably be the end for me as a season ticket holder and regular traveler. The last nail in the coffin. I think the way the Glazers has handled the business for themselves is good only for themselves and that’s the biggest issue for me. Putting all the debt into our club and take money out from the club every year without investing in it. That’s not ok. I was fuming when the news about the super league came out and thought enough is enough. Football is, and will always be for the fans. And the way our owners went behind the fans, manager and all the players back to try and make a money-making super league for the elite with no relegation. Definitely not ok!!!

But am I boycotting Manchester United? I’m not. I can’t imagine not supporting my club. I still have my season ticket. So am I a hypocrite? For some I probably am. But who are other people to tell me or other fans what to do and not to do? We have to stop with the police behaving on social media. Lead as an example. Educate those who knows nothing about our club. Show options, but behave. No one will change their opinions if you’re mean. I haven’t bought the official shirts, but I have the replica. That’s an option for me now. For me that’s fine. If you mean something else, that’s also fine, but take the abuse somewhere else. So so strange behavior reading angry (often anonymous men) online in total rage over a girl wearing a shirt. Like people can’t decide what they can use their own money on🥶 So stop that, look at the bigger picture and your agenda.

My agenda or whatever it is, it’s pretty simple. I write about Manchester United because I love the club and it’s my passion. My social media is a place for me to show my support. I don’t compare myself with others, I do my thing as I’ve always done. I support others and if I see something I don’t like, a scroll past it. My plattforms isn’t a place where negativity, bullying or abuse is allowed. I won’t tolerate it, and my agenda is the total opposite. There´s so many accounts trying to be big and the use click bate to get attention. I use my some only because I enjoy writing and posting about our club and I appreciate my followers, but I won’t fall for things that may give you more followers. With that said, its clear I´m still Ole in, haha!

First round: Manchester United vs Leeds.

Finally GAMEDAY! How I have missed this feeling. Fans are finally back at Old Trafford and it will be amazing hearing Stone Roses blasting out whilst everyone singing! Ahhh.. I can’t talk about me not being there. I´m so excited anyways and will be watching the game at some friends then a concert later. I will post a pre-match post about the game later on my Instagram.



Yes, it’s early. Yes, it will probably change. BUT WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!

Words can’t describe how good that feels to say out loud!!

Who would have guessed huh????

Well, the people who believe in the process!! I have from day one backed and support Solskjær. He took over a team that were a mess, the culture inside the club seemed rotten. When players turn against their manager it’s really bad. We had that, a load full of deadwood that had been on Uniteds payroll way too long, fans demands instant results and it’s the biggest club in the world.

I’ve never said Ole is THE MAN for United. We have to wait and see. But I’ve seen a plan since he came in. He’s gotten rid of many players, even the players we wanted to stay was the right decision in the long run to let go. He wants players who wants to fight for United. He doesn’t demand loyalty their whole career, but when they play for United they shall deliver! Pogba is an excellent example, us fans who think with our hearts probably wants him off ASAP, but it isn’t always the correct decision in football. Ole isn’t a muppet, he isn’t as sweet and happy as he seems in interviews. He got control and he has proven that.

I had to send a little thought to those who couldn’t celebrate the win and our position yesterday. Imagine being more into social media popularity than supporting your own team and manager.

Yesterday was an ugly victory. So important. Sunday we’re facing Liverpool and I’m seriously so excited!!! It won’t be easy but it’s two very good teams that meets and that’s what I love about football.

To celebrate top of the league I’m giving away a free of choice football shirt on my Instagram! Make sure to check it out 😃

Hello 2021

Happy new year everyone! It feels good to finally say goodbye to 2020, I really hope this year will be a better one for the world.

A new year doesn’t mean things just will change, Corona is still very much here and we all have to be careful, and we don’t know for how long. But I urge you to do something about a certain situation in your life if it’s something you have thought a lot about and do you no good. I see so many people being stuck in a place/ situation they shouldn’t be in. If it’s work related, economics, relationships with friends/ family or your partner. The beauty of this life is that we have our own will, and it’s never too late to do something new. Don’t spend another year doing the same shit. Everything start with your mindset, some things can be really hard to do something about, but you have to start somewhere. I learned a really good tip years ago reading Sir Alex second biography, where he said he never went to bed with difficult thoughts. If he was in tough situations, he sat down at least one hour every night thinking about them and what he could do to fix it. He wrote down the plan and he could go to bed with no stress. I promise you this tip really helps! I think we all at one time have struggled with sleep because something is going on in your life and you don’t know what to do.. So sit down, write down your problems and then the first step to fix it, it may be 100 steps before a solution, but then you have started and you will feel less stressed about it.
A positive mindset is everything, why on earth should we go around being negative? Literally nothing good comes out of it. I know it’s the easiest thing to say, but your actions follows your thoughts. It follows your beliefs and ideas, and to make a change you have to start with your mind.

This is something I’ve thought about a lot and worked on myself the last couple of years and it works. It’s not easy because working with changing your mindset etc is a constant job. It still is! I don’t have big New Years resolutions but I will write down a plan (I love to write lists haha) so I do remember them better.
For me it’s crucial to get up early and work out everyday. We bought a treadmill under our first lockdown in Norway and to get 30-60 min with cardio each day before everything else is the best thing for me. I feel so sharp and in two days I start my new semester with an intensive 6 months class with digital marketing. I can’t wait, but I know as I expect good results from myself I have to work hard. So having a healthy lifestyle is so important to that.

As I said, I know it can be hard and difficult to know where to begin, but read these questions and write down the answers and you can already then see what you need to change;

How are you spending your time?

Are you taking care of yourself?

What food/energy are you giving your body?

Who are you spending time with?

What thoughts are you entertaining most?

What are you watching/listening to?

Are you pursuing your passions?

What/ to who are you giving your energy?

Are you listening to your soul?

Have you been kind to your self?

We owe it to ourselves to be kinder to our body and mind. Social media is not the real world. Our days and everyday life doesn’t come with a filter, it’s raw and honest. Don’t compare that to a fake environment.


An update

Og prisen til “dårligste blogger” går til…

Jeg føler jeg stadig sier at jeg skal bli flinkere til å oppdatere her inne, men jeg må bare beklage, og legge til at det tar utrolig mange timer å lage et innlegg, spesielt på to ulike språk. Så tiden strekker ikke alltid til. Instagram er blitt min “favorittkanal” da jeg kan kombinere bilder og tekst og samtidig nå ut til veldig mange! Blogging er ikke like populært lenger, mange har gått over til YouTube, Tik Tok osv, men jeg kommer til å fortsette med blogging, bare mer kvalitet over kvantitet! Jeg har alltid blogget fordi jeg elsker å skrive og dele mine tanker og opplevelser. Og jeg har jo mange tanker. Grunnen til jeg vil fortsette her selv om jeg hovedsakelig er mest på andre sosiale medier er at her kan jeg skrive så mye jeg vil. Virkelig tømme alle tankene ut i ord, på Twitter for eksempel er det maks 140 ord og det er umulig å få ut meningen min uten at ordene blir vridd på. Og det er ganske slitsomt egentlig, å måtte forsvare egne meninger. Jeg er ferdig med det så jeg prøver å begrense meg til å oppholde meg der, jeg har blitt mye mer bevisst på hva sosiale medier gjør med oss. Og det er utvilsomt en ting vi bruker alt for mye tid på, og når det samtidig er mye negativitet og jeg sitter igjen med en dårlig følelse så er det noe jeg nå jobber aktivt med å begrense. Anbefaler virkelig alle til å gjøre det samme for det er jo litt trist å se hvor mye tid vi bruker med nesa i mobilen.. Så når du først er pålogget, bruk det til noe postivit og hyggelig 😉

Det jeg virkelig hater med å være så dårlig på å blogge er at jeg aldri rekker å legge ut om kampen og følelsene mine rundt det, før det har vært en ny kamp igjen med et helt annet resultat og da går det liksom ikke.

“Inconsistency United FC”

Denne sesongen har virkelig vært en berg- og dalbane. Det er klin umulig å spå et resultat. Den ene dagen er det tvers igjennom verdensklasse og en fryd å se United spille, jeg sitter igjen med verdens beste følelse! For så neste kamp det helt motsatte, det ser ut som laget aldri har trent sammen og det er 90 fæle minutter. Utrolig frustrerende!

Mange er nå “Ole out” og det er.. vondt. Vi alle vil det beste for laget vårt. Men å få inn Poch vil bare føre til at om et år eller to så er vi her igjen. Og jeg sier ikke det fordi jeg er synsk, men fordi atferden til klubben og resultatene viser at det vil skje. Og jeg orker ikke nok en runddans med litt gode resultater, og når det butter i mot- for det vil det med det laget her med hvilken som helst manager, så er vi tilbake med å rope etter en ny manager. Solskjær ble ikke ansatt for å vinne titler med en gang, men om du ikke kan se forbedringer i lag og prestasjoner så ser vi ulike kamper…

Problemer er at de aldri klarer å være konsekvente. Jeg forstår mye av kritikken mot Solskjær. Samtidig har han måtte hvile spillere og laget skal være gode nok til å slå de fleste lag uten Bruno og Rash.. Men det er de tydeligvis ikke. United har hatt en forferdelig statistikk på å ligge under denne sesongen og fans skriker da om lineup og bytter, men her bør faktisk Solskjær få litt cred også. Han kan ikke, på grunn av skader og rulering, alltid starte med det samme laget. Men han har klart å snu resultatet og endt med seier fem (tror jeg?) ganger nå denne sesongen, og selv om vi selvfølgelig aldri vil ligge under, er det en bra prestasjon! Det vitner om riktige bytter, at det han sier til laget går inn, at spillerne har en vinner-mentalitet. Kan være vanskelig å se enkelte ganger, men til slutt er det resultatet som betyr noe. Det virker som fansen enten har glemt eller aldri forstått hva Fergie time betydde?!? Jeg kan huske mang en gang en frustrert Olsen under SAF også bare så det er sagt. Virker som en del av fanskaren har korttidshukommelse..

Jeg føler også at mange tror jeg er naiv og jeg får ‘Norske-kortet’ slengt etter meg. Men for å si det for endte gang: jeg hadde støttet hvilken som helst manager. 100%. Om Poch hadde vært ledig for to år siden ville jeg heller hatt han enn Ole. Men ikke nå. Nettopp fordi vi har prøvd dette litt for mange ganger, Ole må få denne sesongen minst. Er det helt krise i mai så får vi se. Nå gjør jo ikke akkurat City det så veldig bra, tenk om Pep blir ledig? Da snakker vi… Men enn så lenge støtter jeg Solskjær. Det er så trist at de fleste fans er så lite tålmodige. Det skal sparkes folk over en lav sko kun for å vinne, vi har faktisk blitt akkurat som de andre lagene og ordet ‘plastikk-supportere’ begynner å ta over her også.. Trist. Folk oppfører seg som alt er over, det er det ikke.

Champions League er over, men med det laget her er det like greit. Når de ikke klarer å ta ETT POENG på to kamper så kan det være. Jeg har fortsatt maretitt om Young vs Messi så det trenger jeg faktisk ikke oppleve live en gang til haha

Solskjær bomma på taktikken i den kampen, men at forsvarsspillerne glemte hvordan de forsvarer er mer krise. De er profosjonelle spillere som har dette som jobb, det var en bekmørk start på Leipzig kampen og spiller vi så dårlig, orker jeg ikke tanken på å møte Bayern, Barca, Real osv..

Da er det bedre med Europa League, si! Neida.. Det er faktisk nitrist, jeg sliter helt sykt med motivasjonen til å gire meg opp til de kampene der…

I dag er det en historisk kamp, vi møter Leeds United første gang etter de rykket opp og jeg er så spent. Dette blir ikke en lett kamp.. Vinner vi kampene vi ligger bak tabelltopp er vi kun 2 poeng bak og derfor er det faktisk- endelig- alt for tidlig å avskrive United som gullkandidat. Det blir ekstremt spennende fremover, og ikke at det er noe nytt, men hver kamp er avgjørende. Solskjær må stille med det beste laget hver kamp i Premier League nå, spikre en startellever så godt det lar seg gjøre og starte å få inn konsistitet i laget. Er så spent i dag atte hjelp..!

Jeg har skrevet litt mer på engelsk om blant annet Pogba- situasjonen. Men jeg er så lei det nå så les det på translate please 😂


And the “worst blogger” award goes to.. 😂

Sorry, I keep saying I will improve, but posting blog post takes hours, several hours more if I do in both languages. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll focus on my Instagram on matchdays, I still love to post my predictions and thoughts afterwards and it’s much easier on that platform. And even though blogging isn’t as popular as it used to be, the top bloggers have quit and does Tik Tok etc now, but I still love blogging so I will definitely continue with it. Never done this for likes, when my head is filled different thoughts and emotions I have always used writing as a technique to get it out and I feel relieved afterwards so yes.. I’ll try to be better because I have much on my mind 😆 And the reason I love this platform, is because here, there’s no limit on the writing. On Twitter you can’t really get your full opinions out in one tweet and words get twisted and I’m done arguing with other fans. They can have their opinions on me and my kind of support but if they dislike it that much, why on earth are you giving me attention? Like, move on, no hard feelings 😂

The one thing I hate about the absence here is that I LOVE to share my thoughts and emotions after a game. I go to bed looking forward to write about the game the next day, but then life and my studies happens and I don’t have time until it’s a new game and then we get a total different United. It’s seriously been like heaven and hell this season!!

Inconsistency United..
This season has been a roller coaster, it’s very hard to predict a result. One day the guys are so good, then for the next day it feels like they haven’t trained together, ever. Very, very frustrating to watch.

Many fans have turned on Solskjær and it’s really hard to read to be honest. We all want what’s best for United. But to bring in Poch? We will be in this position again in one or two years? Why am I saying this? Because it’s happened again, again and again. Solskjær wasn’t hired by the club to do a quick fix, but if you can’t see improvements we are watching different games..

The problem is the inconsistency, I do understand some of the criticism toward Solskjær. But we should win against team without Rash and Bruno. They were giving so much needed rest and the team were shit. They came on and we won. Fans are screaming about the subs, but Solskjær has- and you have to give him cred for that- turned around the match (I think it’s 5 games??) and that proves the team got winner mentality, team spirit and the team listen to their manager. Have people forgotten what Fergie times mean? Honestly… or maybe they weren’t fans back then because it wasn’t popular on social media?! And yes, he has also done some strange subs, but that happens in football, some days it works and some days it doesn’t. If you haven’t seen a player gotten his second yellow card before you are lost😂 It happens, and you learn. The boss said so himself, after this result it cost us and it was stupid. But- Fred was actually good in the second half and it wasn’t a yellow card. So a wrong mistake cost us.

I feel like many thinks I’m naive and I get the “Norwegian card” thrown at me a lot. I’ll say it again: I would have supported any manager if it was another man than Ole! 100%. If Poch was available two years ago at this time I would have said go for him! But now now. I’ll give Solskjær this season. And it makes me sick that we are so inpatient. We have actually turned into all the other clubs that throw the manager under the bus after a poor period. Nothing would make me happier if Solskjær get a trophy this season. People are acting like everything is over. It’s not.

Our team has nothing to do in the Champions League when we play like this. I’ll put this on Solskjær (yes, critics look at this😂): not being able to get ONE POINT out of two games.. That’s bad and whatever tactics they chose against Leipzig was the biggest mistake. Wan-Bissaka suddenly forgot how to defend? Five defenders and none of them showed up at work. I struggle big time to understand how professional players can be this poor. When it’s all they do. United are only able to beat the top teams when we play our best team. Unfortunately injuries will occur, but that happens to every team. Our squad isn’t good enough. We can talk about how money United ha spent, but it isn’t good enough!

It was a tough group and I wasn’t sure to go trough at first. But United surprised us with some good games and got our hopes up. They started to play football when there’s 20min left in a crucial game. Not good enough and as I said, we have nothing to do in the Champions League. Seeing PSG draw Barca I was actually relieved, he’ll no I don’t wanna go trough that again😂 Me and Alex traveled to Manchester for the game 2 years ago and Young vs Messi still haunts me in my sleep😂 So roll on Europe League 😃😃😃

I’m joking! I can’t really see how I will find the motivation to cheer on the team in that league.. In my eyes, with full focus on the Premier League we are title contenders and that should be the focus plus the English cups, not Europa League! Send the reserve team, there’s so many good teams as well in it this season so it will be good for the boys! Unnecessary to put our first team on the flight and risk more injuries and tiredness. Martial and Pogba can join though!

And that takes me to the next topic: the never ending Pogba story.

The game against Leipzig was so far this season the biggest and most important game. So reading that Pogbas agent saying he doesn’t want to be at United and “he’s done” made my blood boil! It wasn’t a surprise, but the timing.

First of all: yes, it was his agent saying it and I know how media twist things! That’s why I actually have defended Pogba for all these years!! I know when a paper ask I’m about his future, Spain etc they will twist it to he wants to leave. And I (unfortunately) don’t expect true loyalty towards us. It’s so rare and how the world has turned out, I get it. We all wished Ronaldo all the best leaving, so should I do with Pogba if he just would have show us respect and cut the bullshit. Saying “time will tell, I’m happy now but who knows in the future” etc are fine! It’s business and I get it.

But back to his agent; the agent represent Pogba. He does whatever is the best for Pogba. (Also fine). But to talk about this subject the same week his player finally has had a good game and would probably start a game… WHY? Why now?! When he could easily say the same bs as usual “we will see, he has options” bla bla. But to state his time is over in Manchester United and should leave.. No respect! Pogba posted a very bla bla post event tho I said he hated all the talking. If he just could say; I’m happy at United, this is my focus, let’s go! – all this hate and talking wouldn’t be here, or at least not towards himself. Because Pogba is paying his agent, if the agent were constantly talking shit I would be fired. But he’s not. No smoke without fire and so on..

I have written about Pogba many times, that I feels he’s misunderstood at times, that media have an agenda to make noise and that fans find mistakes in everything he does. I have stood up for him and said as long he’s here, he’s a United player and most things from the media are bullshit, made up for likes and attention. I’ve said let his action on the pitch speak and ignore the rest. Now I’m done. It’s ridiculous and it seems like the agent and the player actually wants to be hated. Paul Pogba you should leave our club.

I will not write shit about Pogba, he is a talented player, but he is not irreplaceable.

The club doesn’t need this kind of constant mess, my patience is up and it’s best for both parts that he moves on.

No one is bigger than the club.

Things aren’t perfect now, and it will take time to be a rock solid world class team, but when they click.. That’s the beautiful game and team I fell in love with.

Since me and Alex have both passed dirty thirty, it may not be a stupid idea to invest in a heart starter because this isn’t good for our health! And I guess our neighbors must think we’re having a turbulent relationship as I’m yelling and screaming, so maybe I need to put up a note saying “United game 17:30 we’re not fighting”😂

I wasn’t nervous before the game Wednesday, but definitely not confident either as we’re so little consistent plus Sheffield has to take point sooner or later. It would be typical if it happened against us. The first goal is a mistake that never should happen. I said before the game that it would be interesting to see if Henderson got a start against his former teammates, I still put De Gea as the best so even tho I’m a big fan of Henderson we should always play our best team. You can say it’s a keeper blooper, but that pass from Maguire.. We call it “kompispasning” in Norwegian and a pass like that is just not ok from a player like Maguire. Terrible! And again United are 0-1 down.. getting boring isn’t it..

But we won- again from coming back. Again making it harder for ourself and never comfortable!!

Today is yet another big game. Every game now is. But also a historical one. We face Leeds United and I can’t wait. Growing up that was a team you had to hate, as I’m not as childish as I use to be I’m focusing on love not hate(😂😂) but it will be proper good beating them!!


A perfect weekend

This weekend was perfect in every way. My studies takes all my time nowadays, exams every month now and I’m pretty stressed to be honest. I have to learn some techniques to handle it because I know most of it I create only in my head, but it’s still stressful for me. I’ve finally back in my good old workout schedule as well so that’s good. On Friday we booked spa and I had 1 hour full body massage. Damn, I needed that! I feel like my whole body is a stress knot 😂 I trained with a personal trainer some weeks ago and she said I had to do something about it unless it would bite me in the ass. Literally 😂 And all those stupid things I waste money on every month.. I have to book a massage every month now because it’s seriously the best. 100% relax mode afterwards!

Saturday I was in such a good mood! I finished my sixth workout then some of my best friends came over for a pre drink before we headed out for dinner and of course to watch the game! There’s been no consistency this season from United so honestly, I don’t know what to expect. I could go both ways. As I said, I was in a really good mood, but only United can change that so when we went 1-0 down I got a deja vu. Not again please.
United have a lot to improve. Before the game many said Maguire should be benched, I said- and still believe that’s it’s not always the best solution to bench a player. Especially not our captain. Maguire has struggled. A lot. He’s not world class unfortunately and with his personal problems on top of it, things got bad. But for him I believed he just need time, he do wants the best for United. And he was huge against Newcastle! Such an important game for him! Goal as well. Just what he and United needed! De Gea with world class saves again and we won the game even tho it wasn’t a perfect game. So a big win!!

I wasn’t optimistic on Saturday because it feels like the team lack balance and fitness. Many players showed exactly what’s we have missed Saturday and that’s good, but how optimistic can we be about tonight’s game?
I’m not a fan of PSG. Mostly because of the snake Di Maria cause his character are pure rotten and that attitude towards united and the fans afterwards? Don’t get me started..

The night in Paris when we showed why United NEVER should be taken for granted was the most emotional game I’ve ever seen. I was literally bursting out in tears when Rash scored the winner goal, it was an amazing night. We can always hope for a replay, but the odds are against us.

But, it’s Champions League again, and against a top team so I’m excited! I still have big trust in this team, I really have, so it will be interesting and hopefully not to bad haha. Maguire and Bailly are both injured so Ole have to make adjustments again. McTominay played CB for his country so maybe that’s an idea? Time will tell.. But the players have to be ON from start.

And, I have to comment on the AWB drama even tho I don’t like to contribute to more drama.. As I struggle with sleep when I’m stressed I woke up not tired after just 2 hours sleep last night and I usually put on an audiobook and sleep the next minute.. it didn’t work this time so I was surfing on my phone and all Twitter had to show was Wan-Bissakas affair. Of course things like this explode in social media because people love to talk about others. And people are free to mean what they want to, but here’s the funny thing: people are actually blaming SOLSKJÆR for this. Yes, I’m not joking. Big influencers on Twitter with 300k followers are now using their poor agenda against Solskjær and says that this is proof of poor judgement and the club lack discipline and leadership. Because a young man can’t keep his business private and to one woman. Like COME ON😂 It’s probably not worth a comment but this proves that people are so fake. Ok, so it’s a manager all job to discipline players personal life? Sir Alex Ferguson would have been the WORST manager then? Like really!! Are people 10 years old and haven’t learned about our club/players yet or are they just stupid?

Cheating is 100% bad, always. I’m not defending that. But are people surprised?? It’s young people that all of a sudden have become rich and famous. They have people to do everything for them, they don’t think consequences. It’s not only football players, all kind of sports people, artists and actors get confronted with this all the time. If Solskjær should punish them over this I reckon only Mata would start 😂 And I do feel it’s bad, they don’t treat people nice. The society has a “use and throw away “ attitude. And it’s impossible for the manager to control. Also, I do think the reason they cheat and behave this way is because of their lack of self esteem. They wouldn’t have been this popular if it’s wasn’t for fame. Close friends and family sell stories about you and models want you. Why? Because of money and fame. Both are superficial and I think that’s most of the reason many have a YOLO attitude and it’s all fun and games. A bad trend as I said, but we have to focus on football. That, and really appreciate the good players we still have. Like Mata and Rashford. We also have to remember legends we adore did this and worse. George Best, Beckham, Yorke, Giggs, Rooney.. The list goes on.

I’m here for the football so that’s my last words about that case.


Ny kamp- nye muligheter

Ser at jeg ikke har oppdatert her inne siden rett før sesongstart, og det med god grunn.. Det har jo, bokstavelig talt, ikke akkurat vært noe å skrive hjem om.

At United ville få en tøffere start pga mindre hvile enn de andre klubbene grunnet lengre sesong var jeg klar over. At vi heller ikke hadde fått styrket laget ville vi også få merke.

Men å bli KNUST av Crystal Palace i første runde, den så jeg ikke komme! Det var så til de grader overkjøring. United spilte som det var en treningskamp helt uten betydning og det var seriøst helt forferdelig å være vitne til. Crystal Palace vant fortjent.

Andre runde mot Brighton var jo en kamp vi kom rimelig godt ut av og tre poeng takket være VAR. Vi var igjen ikke det beste laget, Brighton jobbet hardt og ville mer enn United. Vi var heldige og vi ble reddet av en helt ny VAR- situasjon hvor vi får straffespark ETTER kampen er blåst av. 100% korrekt, men det hadde vært meget hyggelig om United kunne avgjøre kampen litt før. Hjertet mitt fikk testa seg i det minste og man kjenner man lever..

Tottenham-kampen var jeg veldig usikker på før avspark. Selvfølgelig har jeg, og fortsatt får jeg sykt mye ‘banter’ og folk som vil le av meg/oss/United etter en slik smell. Men vet du hva? Det er MYE verre å tape for Crystal Palace. Mot Tottenham starter United friskt og fikk i mine øyne en utrolig streng og urettferdig utvisning av Martial i første omgang. Jeg kan meddele at min vei mot en banne-fri hverdag stoppet greit opp den søndagen. Jeg HATER filming og juks, måten Lamela hiver seg ned etter en klaps 10 SEKUNDER etter det skjer gjør meg fortsatt forbanna. Det koker inni meg. Han slår først og Martial lar seg dessverre provosere. Det som hadde vært fair er om begge hadde blitt utvist. Selvfølgelig ødelegger dette kampen da vi mister en av våre beste menn og United klarer ikke omstille seg. Overkjøring igjen. 3-1, 4-1 eller 6-1 betyr liksom ingenting. Det er flaut uansett når de ikke kjemper.

Etter et vondt tap så liker jeg egentlig å få inn en ny kamp ganske fort for å komme seg videre. Men akkurat nå, trengte både jeg og laget en desperat pause! Jeg elsker jo fotball og hater i grunn pauser fordi det er så kjedelig. Men forrige helg storkoste jeg meg faktisk. Jeg hadde en rolig helg hjemme, så på serier og slappet av, og ikke ofret jeg United en tanke. Og det har vært så deilig. Jeg lar dessverre tap og dårlige prestasjoner påvirke meg litt for mye. Jeg startet for lenge siden å være veldig aktiv på Twitter, jeg legger ut noen ting på kampdager, men det stedet er blitt et sted som er fylt med negativitet og jeg orker rett og slett ikke. Jeg skriver mine meninger og tanker og svarer litt på det mine følgere skriver. Men jeg orker ikke engasjere meg så mye fordi alt er så negativt. Jeg holder meg mer til Instagram og blogg hvor jeg lufter tankene jeg har. Har liksom ikke helt skjønt hvorfor folk hisser seg så sykt opp på internett og krangler med folk, men det er jo åpenbart en ting så dess mer jeg holder meg unna, jo bedre for min egen del. Jeg er langt fra naiv, som dere leser så har jeg ikke på ‘supporter-brillene’ og frikjenner United hele tiden. Men ting jeg ikke får gjort noe med selv prøver jeg å gi lite energi tilbake. Anbefales!

I dag er det i gang igjen, en nydelig runde ser det ut som- men det er jo veldig opp til United om jeg sitter med den følelsen i morgen. Jeg er dessverre langt fra positiv. Maguire er ute å kjøre, og det ser ut som det er mye utenomsportslige ting som er roten til det vonde. Lindelöf fikk ikke spille mot Tottenham etter en svak start på sesongen, Solskjærs avgjørelse for dagens laguttak er neimen meg ikke lett. Når skal spillere benkes og ikke? Svært få som fortjener det etter smellen mot Tottenham, men igjen så er det ikke slik det funker heller.

Nå har vi jo fått inn noen nye spillere som ser veldig lovende ut! Faktisk. Selv om jeg ikke klarer å være fornøyd dette vinduet da Solskjær helt åpenbart ikke har blitt hørt! Hadde vi fått inn to ekstra, unge og spilleklare spillere så hadde jeg vært kjempefornøyd! Men alt unntatt VDB blir gjort i siste liten og det virker veldig krampeaktig. Synes forøvrig det blir sykt kult å se Cavani i Uniteddrakt og han ser ut som han er mer enn nok klar til å spille for oss. Fitnessen hans er i hvertfall upåklagelig, la oss håpe han blir suksess!!

Vonde tap skjer i fotball, uansett. Det var ikke bare United som har gått på smeller denne sesongen. Liverpool ble fullstendig avkledd av Anton Villa, men selvfølgelig er det Solskjær som får høre det mest. Og det er greit, for Solskjær må bevise noe. Han må prestere. Hans største jobb nå er å vise at United takler et tilbakefall, det har han gjort nå, men det er ekstremt viktig så tidlig i en sesong. Spillerne MÅ VILLE VINNE, de må heve seg over media og at de ikke får hjelp avvæpne supporterne under kamper. Det er en vanskelig tid for alle, men fotball er for mange det lille lyset i en ellers grå hverdag så please Manchester United: vinn i kveld!

Første runde og Fantasy

Reklame | NordicBet

Endelig folkens! Nå nærmer det seg med sesongstart for United, vi er bare timer unna nå og jeg er så spent på denne sesongen! Vi trenger flere spillere inn, og om det ikke skjer så kommer vi til å slite da laget må rotere og eventuelle skader kommer i veien. Overgangsvinduet er ikke stengt riktig enda så ting kan fortsatt endre seg her, krysser fingrene for det!

Ellers er jeg forsiktig optimist når det kommer til denne sesongen, Solskjær har tatt viktige grep på spillere inn/ut, og «moralen» eller hva jeg skal kalle det virker som har satt seg i laget. Vi har savnet et lag med vinnermentalitet siden Ferguson forlot oss og endelig ser jeg antydninger til det. Et viktig poeng er også at det legges vekt på spillere som faktisk vil spille for United blir værende/kjøpt og de som forlanger for mye må se rundt om noe bedre. La oss håpe vi aldri får en Sanchez-historie igjen🙏🏽

I kveld kl 18.30 møter United Crystal Palace og siden vi starter i runde 2 og de fleste lag har allerede spilt en kamp, så ser vi at her er det ingen poeng å miste. Og ja- dette er jo åpenbart- at laget som får flest poeng vinner til slutt og hver kamp er viktig. Poenget er at flere lag har klart å avgjøre selv om de ikke har vært best- og det er her United MÅ forbedre seg! Inntrykket jeg sitter igjen med etter første runde er spilt er at det blir mye jevnere i år. Liverpool ser ikke overlegne ut, Leeds spilte meget bra mot de og samtidig vil de andre lagene endelig kunne gi de tøffere konkurranse. Chelsea, Arsenal og selvfølgelig United blir veldig spennende å følge med på. Det å tippe resultat er litt teit nå føler jeg, er det noe vits så setter jeg penger på det heller. Satte et bet på at United klarer topp 4 og med 5 i odds føler jeg den er ganske trygg! Men vinner vi? Det tror jeg ikke. Føler andre- eller tredjeplass er realistisk. Men igjen, dette vet ingen så vi må ta en kamp om gangen.

Fantasy Premier League

Koden til ligaen min er PQZLGY

Selv om PL har startet så er det ikke for sent å melde seg inn! I samarbeid med Betsafe får vinneren fotballdrakt og 2000kr innskudd fra dem. Er vinneren utenlandsk vinner den personen drakt og jeg kårer i tillegg  en norsk vinner som får hovedpremie, dette grunnet regler for innskudd i utlandet. Så bli med folkens, dette er bare uskyldig moro- jeg har allerede benyttet wildcard så ser jo hvor dette bærer for min del😂
Nå skal jeg i en bursdagsbrunsj på Michales for en venninne og deretter skal vi teste ut å se Unitedkampen på Sørenga Sjømat faktisk. Det er et helt nytt konsept hvor det kommer til å bli mye liv fremover med småkonserter blant annet og ikke minst viser de Premier League. Jeg føler jeg noen gangen havner mellom to stoler da jeg åpenbart er crazy fotballfan, men jeg liker også å pynte meg på lørdager og ta noen glass bobler så i dag kunne det ikke passet bedre med å prøve et nytt sted. Der er det store, lyse og åpne lokale med store skjermer og selvfølgelig gode priser på mat og drikke og jeg elsker lokasjonen. Nyyyyydelig vær er det også i dag og da er det perfekt å få med seg solen i samme sleng!


Vil også tipse om Bobocupen som går på Twitter nå hos NordicBet, kort fortalt er det en helgekonkurranse der vi setter et spill på minimum 1.5 i odds- først på en valgfri lørdagskamp og tikker den inn er du videre til søndag! Det står mer info hos NordicBet så sjekk ut det og #bobocupen Vinneren får en valgfri fotballtur!! (Når det er lov å reise selvfølgelig!)

Jeg har liggi våken fra kl 2 til over 5 i natt for jeg gleder meg sånn til i dag så nå er det på med drakt! Tenker alltid med hjertet, men i dag har jeg oppriktig en skikkelig god følelse på United selv om første runde alltid er vanskelig å spå!


Premier League & transfers

Okei, hei og lenge siden! Jeg starta på det innlegget her for noen uker siden, men siden det faktisk er fotballpause så venta jeg litt til..

Jeg observerer at det allerede er mye negativitet rundt neste sesong på sosiale medier, det har vært det lenge, og jeg har fått utallige meldinger om hva jeg synes så langt, hva jeg tror om neste sesongen, hvem jeg håper på å få inn osv. Men jeg har rett og slett ikke orket å engasjere meg. Jeg orker ikke mene så fryktelig mye før jeg må. Jeg skulle gjerne sett at vi hadde to til signeringer allerede nå, men det har vi ikke. Og det trengs nytt blod inn for å holde en lang sesong så jo før, jo bedre. Men jeg orker ikke være negativ før jeg må nå, det er så lett å henge seg opp i ting man ikke er fornøyd med, skrive litt “dritt” på sosiale medier og diskutere med andre. Men akkurat det prøver jeg å unngå, fordi negativitet avler negativitet og jeg liker å være glad og optimist! Ikke ta meg som naiv, jeg har mange ting å peke finger på når det kommer til hvordan klubben styres, men jeg orker ikke være en av de “fy faaaaader nå må Ed bla opp ass fader j*** drittklubb det her er om vi ikke får inn spillere, betal det de vil ha” osv osv. Jeg orker bare ikke. Det som skjer, skjer, også tar jeg stilling til det da overgangsvinduet er stengt. Ordtaket “den tid, den sorg” passer greit inn her føler jeg.

Men jeg kan jo skrive litt kort om dette, jeg håper virkelig på at United klarer å signere Sancho, han hadde vært en fantastisk spiller å fått inn. Det er min realistiske drømmesignering dette vinduet. Vi trenger forsterkninger flere steder, men Sancho hadde bidratt sterkt på kvaliteten. Leste i går at han kun var timer unna, vi får se.. Donny van de Beek ble jo plutselig United spiller og! Og slike signeringer liker jeg veldig! Absolutt en god signering og det er alltid et pluss at han virker som en oppegående og ydmyk person som er klar på å ta fatt på et eventyr!

Solskjærs ombygging av United er langt fra over, nå har han hatt sin første hele sesong og han får godkjent av meg der, en gjenoppbygging av et lag må alltid starte med en clean-up.

Spillere inn: Maguire, AWB, James, Bruno (Van de Beek)

Spillere ut: Fellaini, Lukaku, Darmian, Valencia, Herrera, Sanchez, Young, (Rojo/Smalling/Romero/Jones ryktes ut nå)

  • Dette er absolutt en solid opprydning og rette spillere inn. Det er umulig å få alle spillere man ønsker seg kun i løpet av en sesong, ingen av kjøpene til Solskjær har vært feil, men det trenger flere spillere inn som passer laget og filosofien til Solskjær og United før vi kan kjempe mot de beste. Og jeg er helt enig i måten de har handlet så langt. Solskjær fokuserer på unge, sultne spillere. Dette vil klubben dra nytte av i årene fremover og jeg er positiv selv om jeg vet det er en lang vei igjen.
  • Solskjær ledet United til en 3. plass i Premier League, og 3 semifinaler. Tapene viste det vi alle visste fra før av, at laget er ikke sterkt nok til å konkurrere mot sterkere lag da rotering må til og det er det ikke kvalitet nok i laget per dags dato.
  • Det er fortsatt tid igjen til å både kvitte seg med utdaterte spillere og får å få nye inn. La oss starte sesongen med et smil!
  • Jeg legger snart ut egen Fantasy Premier League -kode så følg med om litt! Kan uansett garantere at jeg ikke vinner den😂

September baby!
My favorite month and especially this year since the Premier League will start next week! I feel this break has gone so fast and suddenly I need to be ready for a new season. I’ve gotten so many questions lately about basically everything about the new season, players, transfers, the new shirts, my thoughts on this and that.
First of all I’ve chosen not to be so negative before the start and when the transfer marked is still open. Because nothing is decided yet and nothing good comes with being pissed off on social media 😂 if I had Ed’s number I would for sure give him my opinion! United are too slow in the negotiations of players. It’s been like this for a very long time. I wish they could close deals at a much earlier stage as that definitely would have benefited the club.. We need players in, we won’t even be 3rd next season if we don’t get a bigger squad. Realistically 3 new would be nice, with Sancho as my absolute dream signing! Apparently he was 2 hours away from signing yesterday but as I said, I chose not to scream before it’s a official no 😂 rumors are a big part of this as well, it will happen if United chose to pay Dortmund’s demand.. fingers crossed. And all of a sudden we also had a new player in, van de Beek is absolutely a player and signing I like!! Young, talented and also humble and he seems ready to fight for a place and for a new adventure in life.

Solskjærs rebuilding of United are far from over. This was his first, whole season and he’s done a lot of good things. Rebuild must always start with a cleanup. He’s focusing on young and hungry players that fits into his philosophy and that will benefit United for many years to come regardless who’s in charge. He took United to a 3rd place in the league and 3 semi finals. Good, but not quite there. We need a bigger squad and the lack of that cost us points and finals. It’s impossible to get every player on his wishlist in one season, but I have faith in how he does things and hopefully the club will pay for Sancho etc. Then we’re talking!!
Only few days now until it’s all back and I can’t wait! We have to wait one week but I will make my own Fantasy Premier League so watch out for my league-code on Instagram/Twitter the next days 😀

Back to reality

For many people, work has started again after the summer break. And what a summer huh?🤨 I love to travel so it’s been strange to just be in Norway except 5 days in Copenhagen last month when it still were safe, but I’m happy we didn’t travel to Spain/France etc as we usually do in the summer. Unfortunately this pandemic is no way near finished and they are starting to lock down parts of Norway again before it gets out of control and that’s not good at all. For me, since I’m a full time student, my first day back to reality was today.  Next week will be super busy so I have to sit down and make a plan so I’m prepared every day. Actually looking forward to it and I’m grateful my side job is something I can do from home and with my phone/computer. Definitely make life easier. Since we got married early July we have been enjoying life even tho we couldn’t do a proper honeymoon. We’ve been out a lot, eating and drinking whatever we wanted and had good times with our friends. A good Norwegian summer, but now it’s back to reality with things every day, gym life calls and a new season as well soon- love it!

As I said, this summer was a different one, and it’s ok- but what really sucks are watching my stories on social media from this period. I’ve been in Manchester every Premier League start for 4-5 years now and it’s like a heartbreak watching my stories from that time. The feeling being in Manchester the first round of the Premier League is unbelievable, we all are like kids on Christmas Eve looking forward to our presents! So yeah, watching movies from my seat at Stretford End sucks right now. God knows when we are allowed back😭

We finished the season yesterday and yes, of course I’m gutted that we didn’t win. We were 1 game away from the final which sucks. I do think we were a bit unlucky, the goal keeper had some incredible saves and some very strange decisions from the ref. But then again, you have to score goals to win the game and United didn’t manage that yesterday. The boys look very tired, especially Rashford. Not only are we depending on having the best team from start, but also having a good day at work, and we definitely missed that yesterday.

We can say this and that about the players and Solskjær. Some are happy with the season, some are very disappointed. I’m disappointed for yesterday’s performance but all in all I’m happy with the progress they have shown. I can see the contour of a great team, Solskjær still have work to do when it comes to his tactics and getting more players in, but we are onto something.

4 weeks break now until Premier League 2020/2021 kicks off and it will be good with a break now. Such a strange and long season that definitely have had an impact on the players and staff. They deserve a break now and so do we, haha.

Winning smile med Invisalign fra Oris Dental Lysaker

Reklame | Oris Dental Lysaker

Det her har jeg gledet meg til å skrive om, jeg har endelig startet på min Invisalign behandling hos Oris Dental Lysaker! Og hva er egentlig Invisalign? Det er rett og slett en “usynlig” tannregulering som retter opp tennene akkurat slik som en vanlig tannregulering, men prosedyren er unik ved at man bruker gjennomsiktige skinner som hver uke strammer tennene slik at du får ønsket resultat.

Jeg har ønsket meg rette tenner hele livet, så lenge jeg kan huske. Men mitt tilfelle har ikke vært så ille slik at tannlegen anbefalte det da jeg var yngre- og det var også helt uaktuelt å gå med vanlig regulering! Jeg har undersøkt alle måter man kan få rettere tenner på, fra vanlig metallreggis, til såkalte falsetter/ veneers hvor man sliper ned sine egne tenner å setter på nye, falske tenner. Men jeg liker tennene mine- jeg vil bare rette de opp så det å faktisk fjerne(!!) sine egne tenner føles helt galskap, noe min tannlege sa jeg aldri måtte finne på å gjøre! Så valget falt på Invisalign fordi de scoret på alle punkter som var viktig for meg; rask behandling, smertefritt og estetisk pent hele veien og samtidig helt trygt for tennene mine.

Det er også så mange som har spurt meg hvorfor jeg har startet på dette for de mener jeg har så rette tenner, men sjekk bildene nedenfor så vil dere si hvorfor. Jeg er som sagt fornøyd med tennene mine, men ikke fasongen på de. Før så syntes jeg det kanskje var litt søtt, men et klassisk smil er jo det fineste som finnes og noe jeg selv legger merke til selv på andre og det er lett å se at jeg har et kompleks for det, fordi de fleste bildene jeg legger ut er med lukket munn, rett og slett fordi jeg blir bevisst på det og synes derfor det er finere med lukket munn. Og det er jo bare trist egentlig, så at jeg nå er måneder unna drømmesmilet er en helt fantastisk tanke! De første jeg tenker på når det kommer til tannforandring er Cheryl Cole og Cristiano Ronaldo- det er jo en helt syk stor forandring selv om det ‘bare’ er tenner.

Tannregulering høres ut som en lang prosess, men med Invisalign så er det veldig lett. Det hele starter med en 3D-scan hvor min tannlege Arild skanner tennene mine og sender inn til Invisalign hvor de igjen lager skinnene for hver uke som de sender tilbake til Oris Dental Lysaker.

Deretter venter første time med utdeling av skinner og en god forklaring på hvordan det fungerer nå som jeg starter. Før de setter på første skinne renser de tennene mine og setter på “attachment” på noen av tennene som er bittesmå biter i samme farge som tennene mine for å hjelpe til med roteringen av fasongen. Det her er ikke vondt i det hele tatt bare så det er sagt.

Når de bitene er festet slik at de passer både tenner og skinner så er jeg egentlig i gang og her får jeg bare en forklaring på hvordan jeg klikker de av og setter de på igjen. Jeg trodde det skulle være vanskelig siden de sitter stramt, men det er bare å vippe de av med neglen helt innerst også presse de på igjen.

FØR Invisalign 

Her kan dere se at mine fire fremste tenner er motsatt vei, jeg har også et veldig spisst bitt som gjør at tennene mine på undersida er så stramme slik at tanntråd er umulig for meg å bruke nå. Så Invisalign skinnene vil rette opp på begge deler.

Jeg har fått noen spørsmål så jeg tenker å svare på det som går igjen her, og er det noe dere lurer på angående det her så er det bare å kontakte meg.

Er det vondt?

Nei- det er ikke vondt i det hele tatt! Det kan føles litt ubehagelig med en gang jeg bytter skinner, siden hver skinne er litt rettere enn den forrige, men etter noen timer så kjennes det ut som før. Det er først og fremst bare uvant. Jeg merker jeg ‘lesber’ bittelitt med en gang jeg har satt på ny skinne, men det er bare fordi det er en uvant følelse i munnen.

Er det dyrt? 

Prisen er individuell, da alle har ulikt utgangspunkt. Jeg skal bare bruke det i 17 uker, men det gir enorm forskjell på meg. Andre som har et mer krevende utgangspunkt må naturlig nok bruke det lenger- som betyr flere skinner og høyere pris. Tannbehandling er dessverre dyrt, men med tanke på at dette er en så diskre løsning i forhold til vanlig tannregulering (som også koster en del) så er det 100% verdt det. Man betaler også litt etter litt så det er ikke en stor utgift som må betales med en gang.

Hvor lenge må man bruke det?

Ca 20-22 timer hver dag, så lenge som mulig fordi resultatet avhenger også av hvor flink jeg er på å bruke skinnene. Jeg tar de kun av når jeg spiser, men er jeg ute på middag for eksempel så går det fort litt lenger tid uten. Hele prosessen er som sagt individuelt, jeg skal bruke det i 17 uker.

Synes det veldig?

Nei, mange har ikke lagt merke til at jeg har det før jeg har sagt det selv. Skinnene er gjennomsiktig og siden de byttes hver uke så blir de heller ikke misfarget. Men igjen, studerer du tennene mine så ser du jo at det er skinner, men siden det er blank plast så føler jeg ikke at det er sjenerende eller stygt.

Fordeler med Invisalign:

  • Først og fremst at det er en gjennomsiktig skinne og ikke den typiske tannreguleringen i metall
  • Lite synlig og ser bra ut
  • Du kan ta de ut når du vil
  • Det er kortere behandlingstid
  • Du trenger ikke dra til tannlegen hver uke for tilpasning
  • Det gjør ikke vondt
  • Det er lett å rengjøre tennene, jeg pusser de bare helt vanlig etter hvert måltid
  • Og selvfølgelig vil det gi deg ditt beste smil!

Så må jeg til slutt presisere at det er veldig viktig hvilken tannlege du går til. Det er som det er med all service og spesielt når det kommer til behandling av ansiktet/tenner; du må gå til de som er best og jeg kan ikke rose Arild Aarnseth og teamet hans på Oris Dental Lysaker nok. De er så proffe og jeg har følt meg trygg fra dag en hos de. Jeg har tidligere gått til de for blant annet å trekke visdomstenner og med en person med litt tannlegeskrekk har en god opplevelse alt å si! Så disse kan virkelig sakene sine og det er kun derfor jeg vil anbefale de også.

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