A perfect weekend

This weekend was perfect in every way. My studies takes all my time nowadays, exams every month now and I’m pretty stressed to be honest. I have to learn some techniques to handle it because I know most of it I create only in my head, but it’s still stressful for me. I’ve finally back in my good old workout schedule as well so that’s good. On Friday we booked spa and I had 1 hour full body massage. Damn, I needed that! I feel like my whole body is a stress knot 😂 I trained with a personal trainer some weeks ago and she said I had to do something about it unless it would bite me in the ass. Literally 😂 And all those stupid things I waste money on every month.. I have to book a massage every month now because it’s seriously the best. 100% relax mode afterwards!

Saturday I was in such a good mood! I finished my sixth workout then some of my best friends came over for a pre drink before we headed out for dinner and of course to watch the game! There’s been no consistency this season from United so honestly, I don’t know what to expect. I could go both ways. As I said, I was in a really good mood, but only United can change that so when we went 1-0 down I got a deja vu. Not again please.
United have a lot to improve. Before the game many said Maguire should be benched, I said- and still believe that’s it’s not always the best solution to bench a player. Especially not our captain. Maguire has struggled. A lot. He’s not world class unfortunately and with his personal problems on top of it, things got bad. But for him I believed he just need time, he do wants the best for United. And he was huge against Newcastle! Such an important game for him! Goal as well. Just what he and United needed! De Gea with world class saves again and we won the game even tho it wasn’t a perfect game. So a big win!!

I wasn’t optimistic on Saturday because it feels like the team lack balance and fitness. Many players showed exactly what’s we have missed Saturday and that’s good, but how optimistic can we be about tonight’s game?
I’m not a fan of PSG. Mostly because of the snake Di Maria cause his character are pure rotten and that attitude towards united and the fans afterwards? Don’t get me started..

The night in Paris when we showed why United NEVER should be taken for granted was the most emotional game I’ve ever seen. I was literally bursting out in tears when Rash scored the winner goal, it was an amazing night. We can always hope for a replay, but the odds are against us.

But, it’s Champions League again, and against a top team so I’m excited! I still have big trust in this team, I really have, so it will be interesting and hopefully not to bad haha. Maguire and Bailly are both injured so Ole have to make adjustments again. McTominay played CB for his country so maybe that’s an idea? Time will tell.. But the players have to be ON from start.

And, I have to comment on the AWB drama even tho I don’t like to contribute to more drama.. As I struggle with sleep when I’m stressed I woke up not tired after just 2 hours sleep last night and I usually put on an audiobook and sleep the next minute.. it didn’t work this time so I was surfing on my phone and all Twitter had to show was Wan-Bissakas affair. Of course things like this explode in social media because people love to talk about others. And people are free to mean what they want to, but here’s the funny thing: people are actually blaming SOLSKJÆR for this. Yes, I’m not joking. Big influencers on Twitter with 300k followers are now using their poor agenda against Solskjær and says that this is proof of poor judgement and the club lack discipline and leadership. Because a young man can’t keep his business private and to one woman. Like COME ON😂 It’s probably not worth a comment but this proves that people are so fake. Ok, so it’s a manager all job to discipline players personal life? Sir Alex Ferguson would have been the WORST manager then? Like really!! Are people 10 years old and haven’t learned about our club/players yet or are they just stupid?

Cheating is 100% bad, always. I’m not defending that. But are people surprised?? It’s young people that all of a sudden have become rich and famous. They have people to do everything for them, they don’t think consequences. It’s not only football players, all kind of sports people, artists and actors get confronted with this all the time. If Solskjær should punish them over this I reckon only Mata would start 😂 And I do feel it’s bad, they don’t treat people nice. The society has a “use and throw away “ attitude. And it’s impossible for the manager to control. Also, I do think the reason they cheat and behave this way is because of their lack of self esteem. They wouldn’t have been this popular if it’s wasn’t for fame. Close friends and family sell stories about you and models want you. Why? Because of money and fame. Both are superficial and I think that’s most of the reason many have a YOLO attitude and it’s all fun and games. A bad trend as I said, but we have to focus on football. That, and really appreciate the good players we still have. Like Mata and Rashford. We also have to remember legends we adore did this and worse. George Best, Beckham, Yorke, Giggs, Rooney.. The list goes on.

I’m here for the football so that’s my last words about that case.


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2 thoughts on “A perfect weekend

  1. Hva skjer med United og VAR!!!
    Harry maguire tar å kveler azpilicueta!!!
    United må jo sponse var!!

  2. I believe half the things we worry about never really end up happening. Keep believing in yourself and I wish you all the best for your exams.

    When it comes to blaming the manager, I’ve seen that happen with all our managers ever since Sir Alex.

    Also, what are your thoughts on De Gea being the captain?

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