football, bloody hell

This Champions League season has been C R A Z Y. For us it ended the way we feared but we’ve had some good games and memories for life!

I’m gutted for Ajax because they’ve been so good and really impressed me. They played with joy and was really what a football club should be all about! Passion and hard work- take notice Manchester United. So I was cheering for Ajax yesterday, but to be totally honest it was because I thought they would have the best chance against Liverpool😂 So now I am OF COURSE a full on Spurs supporter June 1.!! 😂 Actually, I’ve always ‘liked’ Tottenham. And don’t get me wrong, never supported them but they’ve never really been a huge rival for United and my very first trip to England was to London and watch Tottenham. It was of course not my choice but my childhood boyfriends parents was massive Spurs fans so they took me a long since I loved football. I had never been in a football pub before since I was underage but no problem in England 😂 so they told me I could not speak to people about United what so ever because here they didn’t care if I was a young girl, I could get in serious trouble so I shut up and learned to drink beer! Haha.. That has changed obviously the last couple of years since Spurs are now fighting in the top so now they’re rivals but I’d prefer them to win anyway over any other top team. And most importantly now against Liverpool. 

I think it’s really cool that the final are with two English teams. I’ve watched every game this season so it’s fair that the last two are Spurs and Liverpool. Two very exciting games, and even though Liverpool are big favorites, it will be an exciting final for sure! 

So the English teams are the best in the world and that just makes it even more disappointing to support United. Maybe disappointment isn’t the right word either because there’s so much more. I’m mad, I’m frustrated and actually scared for our clubs future! The main priority must to get a DoF in, like now right away. It’s clear the board have no clue about football and they’ve messed up for six years now. It’s split thoughts on Ole and if he’s the right man or not, but that shouldn’t be our (the fans) concern at the moment. He’s appointed, and he should be backed massively now from the board and from us. He will be here anyway the next season so he should get whatever he needs to build his team. To think that we let Blind go before Jones, Rojo and Smalling just proves how little acknowledge there is further up. I agree he didn’t fit into the team, but that was because they played him wrong. He’s one of the few ‘football smart’ players we had so letting him go was a mistake. As I said, he didn’t fit into the team, but do Jones/Rojo ++ fit into our team if we want to be the best in the world? Hell to the no. 

Mourinho have stated that it was his biggest achievement to finish second with this team and now, looking back he was right. In December he needed to be fired, but I knew everything wasn’t his fault and we can all see that now. Ah it’s such a big mess I don’t know where to start! Mourinho wasn’t happy with his team, and he didn’t get backed in the transfers so it could only go one way. He lost the support of the players and eventually the fans. He did a lot of mistakes but also he never got a fair chance to do it right. The board has to understand that, if not, we will go years without success. And I’m down for it- as long as they got a plan! I can go years without winning titles, I will always support United no matter what. But I will complain if it’s managed they way it is now. The world biggest football club is leaded by clowns. People with education and success in finance and marketing, but no clue about football. It’s a circus and the ones that are suffering mostly are the dedicated fans. This club would be nothing without us. The Glazers and Woodward would be nothing. So it’s about time they pay is back or better- leave. 

Something needs to be done and #unfollowmanchesterunited are trending. I have mixed feelings about it and will write more about that in my next blog post! What are your thoughts about it?  

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2 thoughts on “football, bloody hell

  1. Støtt klubben i tykt og tynt- til tross for inkompetanse i styret. Unfollowing-trending er negativt og appellerer ikke til lojaliteten som fansen bør ha. Sommeren blir ekstremt viktig.

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