Trough thick and thin

I had a bad feeling about Newcastle away, and unfortunately I was right. With this thin squad and several important players out, and United being on a really bad track, I knew it was going to be hard.

This situation is making me feel sick. Sick and almost heartbroken because I feel it won’t end good. I wasn’t surprised at all when Longstaff scored and because I love this sport I couldn’t help feeling happy for him. He played with passion and his feelings for his club said it all when he scored. That’s what football is all about and I miss it.

You know what I feel about Solskjær and I would have said the same about anyone else in his shoes right now. I’m backing him but he needs to be more ruthless and for ffs stick to a game plan. I’m really struggling to see what the players are practicing on training? It looks like they never played together and it’s awful to watch. Some players should have played their last minutes for Manchester United on Sunday and no matter how much I love Matas personality, he doesn’t deserve playing from start. You simply don’t run AWAY from the ball, simple as that. The players that should have stepped up has failed massively and I’ll blame they more than Solskjær.

Without knowing what’s going on in the dressing room, everything people are saying are simply speculations, but what Keane said back in April has some truth in it; ‘ leopards doesn’t change their spots, these are the same players that threw Mourinho under the bus and they’ll do exactly the same to Ollie.’

There has to be some truth in it because I refuse to believe that Solskjær is happy with this. And for what he’s saying to the press, come on. Have you ever had a job where you don’t agree on how to do things/say things but because it’s your boss you have to stick with it?! What do you guys really think would happen if he said it as it was? Of course Ole wanted midfielders and at least one striker, but he can’t go out saying the team he got now is poor. He has to stay positive, we all know what happened to our managers who went to the media admitting they don’t have a clue or start to blame the board/players. This is Solskjærs dream job and he will do what’s in his power to make United great again. I can even understand he using Mata, Matic, Young etc because if he hadn’t he would have get massive abuse for not using players with experience. When results are missing, everything you do is wrong.

Relegation? Would have been fun that, good old games against Leeds again, the fans that’s here just for glory would be gone and maybe also the Glazers as well? 😂

We got ONE world class player in this team and that’s David De Gea. Man I felt for him during his post match interview. But it was honest and truthful. He can’t throw the players under the bus but he’s clearly not happy with their performances.

And players like De Gea is part of the reason I will back this team. First of all I will always support Manchester United because as a fan that’s just what you do no matter results, but even though I agree there’s many players that needs to go, the squad isn’t full rotten. There’s a lot of potential, our new signings and the youth are very exciting and they need us! We can’t only be there for the team when they win and when it’s bad they use the Glazer excuse to not support the team anymore. That’s just so wrong in my eyes, I want the Glazers out as well but I will always back the team. It’s trough thick and thin remember..

Embarrassing and boring

Going home with 1 point after playing away in Europe isn’t that bad. But United yesterday was a disaster. I couldn’t figure out what their plan was, it was just.. awful!

We’re getting used to bad results now, and as long as there’s some kind of progress (like we we’re playing youngsters etc) I can deal with it, but I CAN NOT DEAL WITH BAD PERFORMANCE. So many players should feel ashamed over their performance. I have played football myself so I know so very well it’s hard but it’s not hard to try your best. Simple as that. Only positive thing was Williams, I really like him and he was the man of the match in my eyes. Says it all really..

It was a really bad pitch, we have so many players out with injuries and yesterday we combined players that’s probably not meant for the future-not good enough (except 4)  with youngsters that need time to progress so we can’t expect it to be a 5-0 game and a show off but we can and must expect more than this!!

Fans are so impatient and Solskjær needs to go all out next game. United have to score goals and win comfortable. How we’re going to do that away without Pogba, Wan-Bissaka and Martial is beyond me but it’s much needed.

Big game tonight

Playing against Arsenal is always something special because one of the first games I watched as a kid was against them and we got some legendary matches to look back at. But I have to be honest, part of the buzz is gone. I don’t have the typical matchday feeling and I hate it, especially when it’s a big game!

Big games always excites me and I think about the game all day, but I’m not looking forward to another humiliation on Old Trafford 😂 and don’t get me wrong- I will ALWAYS support United no matter how shit they are, I will continue going to games and cheer them on. Hopefully the feeling will get to me later today when I’m at the pub with my friends. It’s a different feeling going into the game without being nervous, if we win it’s gonna be amazing and a big victory for United, but I’m realistic and I’m just hoping for the best 🙉

It would be sooooo good seeing some proper football tonight so fingers crossed but I’m prepared for the opposite as well.


Solskjær in

Manchester United, the only football club in the world with 1 billion managers..

To have ‘Solskjær in’ as a header is ridiculous, but necessary. I’m gonna try writing this blogpost without too much swearing, but I can’t promise you that. We lost against West Ham and we’re all f… frustrated about the result. Or lack of results to be more correct.. BUT- if you seriously want Solskjær out now, IN SEPTEMBER, you have forgotten what Manchester United is all about. We all want to see the youth coming trough, we want the deadwood out, we want entertainment and good results. If you know anything about football or sports in general you also know taking over a team that was way over due date (Ferguson’s team) it’s going to take a long time building Manchester United up again. When 3 managers has tried and been fired after a short period you know Solskjær was put in a very tough situation. He’s still struggling with Fergies leftovers plus Moyes, van Gaals and Mourinhos failed philosophies, transfers and attitude with individuals and as a team. It’s not going to take one summer of transfers, it’s going to take YEARS! Are you in for that?

Top 4 is our best chance this season and I said that before the season started. I will also take many bad and ‘failed’ seasons if it means that Solskjær is rebuilding the team. It’s a progress that needs time.

Solskjær gets criticized no matter what he does and it pisses me off. He was too soft when I wanted every player to get a change when he took over, people was screaming that the deadwood had to go- and he did exactly that! Players that didn’t deliver and who fans were writing week after week wasn’t good enough are now cut in half. He’s clearly working on getting players out and the right ones in. What to I read now? That he’s stupid for letting them go. Jesus f… Christ. Lukaku was unprofessional, stated in his social media that he wanted to leave, didn’t show up for training, that – and with poorer first touch than me and not scoring goals which is he’s number one job out there – why should we keep paying him millions without any thing back? Do you really believe he would have fought out there on Sunday?? Not getting a replacement wasn’t the best but rather playing the youth than keep on having players that don’t want to be in the club here…?! You can’t win with these kind of fans. It’s totally normal to want your team to win and get results, but be realistic!

I wasn’t happy with the team Sunday and who Solskjær chose to start and to substitute is on him. I’m not trying to be naive and just support him, he needs to smarter with who he picks. Matic and Mata isn’t good enough but I guess he picked them for their routine. The ones that deserve to be yelled at after West Ham are mostly the PLAYERS! No passion, no desire. That’s on the players because they have fuck all out there. Solskjær doesn’t have the ultimate team yet so he has to try and fail with those he got. And it’s getting clearer and clearer who’s not going to be a part of the future of this club. Our biggest problem isn’t Solskjær, it’s the lack of quality in our squad. United doesn’t have the depth we need right now so there’s gonna be more disappointing results, it’s probably gonna get worse before it gets better.

I’m 100% behind project Solskjær and I got many reasons, the biggest is that he got a plan and he will do it in ‘United traditions’. I also believe the board has understood now that they need to back him financially and it’s not done in one transfer window, but he’s in his way making his own team.

Even if you are Solskjær out, a new manager wouldn’t fix a thing right now so instead of bringing more shit to the table, shut it and be patient.

I asked for your opinions on my Instagram and with over 10 000 answers(!) my head is boiling 😂 luckily, most of us do have faith in Solskjær  and I think it’s important to show our support. If you’re not able to travel to Manchester and support the team on Old Trafford, show your support on social media. It’s too toxic now and it will only make our situation worse.

west ham borte

Det ble en sliteseier mot Astana torsdag kveld, dette er et lag United skal vinne over uansett, men det ble ikke så lett. Jeg var overrasket over at Solskjær stilte med både Chong, Gomes og Greenwood fra start, men positivt overrasket! Samtidig forsto jeg at jeg måtte nedjustere forventningene litt. Som sagt, Astana er et lag United skal vinne over, både A-laget og B-laget skal vinne greit mot de. Men seieren satt langt inne og mange var misfornøyde med resultatet. Jeg synes det er litt urettferdig egentlig, jeg forstår frustrasjonen 100%, men når vi alle har uttrykt ønske at vi vil se unggutta spille og endelig får det så må vi skjønne at kampen ikke blir like lett! Hadde Rashford vært mer klinisk hadde det sett helt annerledes ut, men Greenwood- som har vært i klubben siden han var 6 år- avgjorde og sikret seier til United. Ikke noe er bedre enn å oppleve slike situasjoner og dette er en av grunnene jeg har stor tro på Solskjær. Han kommer til å satse på disse gutta og videreføre Uniteds tradisjon med å utvikle egne spillere.

I dag venter betraktelig tøffere motstand og med viktige spillere ute så blir dette en vanskelig kamp. Jeg er ikke sikker på seier i det hele tatt, skal vi vinne må United opp flere nivåer enn de var mot Leicester. Med Young fra start, Pogba og Martial ute så har jeg mine tvil. Vi alle hadde nok ønsket å se Greenwood igjen i dag, men det er helt riktig av Solskjær å hvile han. Han starter garantert på onsdag og det er alt for hardt å sende han ut i dag mot dette laget. Veldig fornøyd med at James starter, la oss håpe det går vår vei!

Uansett; there’s only on United!!!


A blessing in disguise

In my blogpost yesterday about our first game in the Europa League, I said that even though it sucks not being in the Champions League, it’s a perfect opportunity for Solskjær to start forming what he got into his own team and what will be the future for Manchester United.
9 changes in the team who played against Leicester and it surprised me that Greenwood, Gomes and Chong started. I was really excited about seeing them all from start, but also knew that with so many youngsters I couldn’t expect too much.

For the young boys it’s important that they get as many minutes as they can, they need to start getting comfortable playing for the first team, getting used to play against tougher teams. I love their hunger and passion for the game, but we need to remember they are young, this is new to them. It’s normal to make a lot of mistakes and it’s so important that they dare to do it as well. Solskjær knows this and it’s one of the reasons I love him as our manager. He will focus on youth and United’s DNA. It will be a bumpy ride with ups and downs and we all need to accept that and trust Ole and give the players our support. We have all heard the legendary quote ‘you won’t win anything with kids’
Yesterday Greenwood in an age of 17 scored the winner goal. There is a unique feeling when a kid from United gets into the team and makes it. I believe we will se a lot of that from Solskjær and I can’t wait!

It wasn’t a comfortable win at all. It’s the same thing we’ve seen all season, United are the best team and have a lot of chances but just don’t score. In the start it’s entertaining but then it gets very frustrating especially when we have been punished for it so many times. Rash wasn’t clinical enough but that’s football sometimes. When I saw the start Xl of United I knew it wasn’t going to be easy- but I did expect a win! 100%

So many are not happy about the game and I do understand the frustration- we all felt it!! But again it’s margins against us, if we had them with us we would have won 4-5 -0 and it would be a perfect game and the players would have been heroes. People have been screaming that they want the guys to start games and when they do it’s wrong. So it’s back to internet abuse of a 21 year old academy player. I’m getting closer and closer every game to give up Twitter and Facebook 😂 thank god my boyfriend and my best friend are football SMART and not just ‘fans’ so we can have a decent conversation about United. I would have lost it long time ago if not 😂

It started as a game we controlled and it got tough, but United kept attacking and a kid that’s been in the club since he was 6 years old scored and United won. F… freaking fantastic if you ask me!

First game in the EL

FC Astana.. what do we really know about this team? I have to be honest, I haven’t heard about them until now. Typical Europa League 🙉 I’ve said it earlier, we don’t deserve being in the Champions League right now. Our team is simply not good enough! And watching PSG – Real Madrid yesterday made that even clearer. It sucks, but I’ve had too much pain the last years playing against the big teams. We had that night in Paris, which will be one of my favorite experiences, but after a short time in heaven, Messi brought us all back to the ground. Messi vs Young was painful to watch. So yeah, FC Astana it is 😂💪🏽

The buzz is gone, we have won Europe League and it was fun that season, but now..? Not so much. But it is a perfect opportunity for Solskjær to use his highly talented youngsters! So I’m looking forward to see the boys tonight, I know they are hungry for playing so hopefully it will be an entertaining game!

Vegan makeup

                                                                                                                  I samarbeid med Lyko 

Til å være opptatt av sminke og skjønnhet så blogger jeg veldig lite om det, rett og slett fordi det er så ekstremt mange andre som gjør det og jeg skiller meg ikke akkurat ut på det området. Jeg tror jeg har sminket meg likt i nesten 10 år nå og det kommer nok ikke til å endre seg. Selv om jeg liker å prøve nye produkter/farger osv så lander man til slutt på produkter man liker best og holder seg til det.

Grunnen til at jeg lager et eget innlegg om dette nå er fordi jeg ENDELIG kan komme med et bra tips! Jeg har vært veganer nå i 5 år og den endringen førte også til at all rutine jeg hadde rundt sminke og skjønnhet måtte endre seg. Jeg vil ikke støtte eller bruke produkter som er testet på dyr eller som inneholder produkter som er testet på eller kommer fra dyr så derfor så utgår merker som for eksempel MAC nå. Så disse 5 årene har jeg testet og feilet litt og har ennå ikke funnet alt av mine favorittprodukter (kom gjerne med tips til meg her), men som sagt- endelig- har jeg funnet noen BRA sminkebørster. Her er jeg veldig kresen siden dette er et produkt jeg bruker daglig og nå selger eksklusivt ett nytt sett med børster fra Luxiebeautynordic.

Mine krav er enkle; de må være myke mot huden og ikke røyte- og selvfølgelig 100% veganske! Disse er nettopp det og de kommer i en egen boks som er lett å ha med seg i vesken og også fin å ha fremme på badet.


Link til børstene HER

Lyko har også 20% rabatt nå og ut uken!

@lyko @luxiebeautynordic

I’m home

De Gea var den siste brikken som manglet for United nå defensivt og i går gikk klubben endelig ut med en kontraktsforlengelse! Enorm signering- muligens den viktigste på lang, lang tid- og det tatt i betraktning til de vi signerte i sommer som absolutt har levert. Marerittet hadde jo vært om han hadde forlatt United gratis. Med tanke på hvor treige Ed & Glazers er så hadde det ikke overrasket meg om de ikke hadde klart å gi han ny kontrakt i tide. Kan jo bare nevne hvordan Herrera forlot oss, helt håpløst og det irriterer meg fortsatt. Det er jo bare å se på midtbanen vår nå og se hvor tynt det er. Det er jo i ettertid blitt sagt at han ville bli, men at det dro ut og han følte seg ikke ønsket. Så kan man jo diskutere hvor mye spillerne har ‘lov’ til å kreve, men viktige spillere bør man ha en god tone med og at begge parter er med på planen videre.

‘I am committed to continue repaying the fans for all of the care that they’ve shown me during the good times and the bad’

At De Gea signerte viser også at han har troa på Solskjær og hans plan for United. Mange som har kommentert her inne at jeg er flink på å skylde på Ed og the Glazers og frikjenner Solskjær der han har gjort feil. Jeg kommer til å dømme Solskjær fra og med denne sesongen. Da han tok over United, tok han over et lag i totalt kaos. Han kan jo ikke bli dømt rettferdig når han tar over et lag som var i oppløsning og uten muligheter til å gjøre endringer før sommeren. Og om han skal bli det- jo da gjorde han en fantastisk jobb spør du meg! Starten som var helt fantastisk og over all forventning kan vi takke Solskjær for, formduppen derimot i slutten av sesongen er ikke hans feil. Det viste kun hvor oppbrukt mange av spillerne var og at det virkelig var på tide å gjøre grep. Og det var faktisk viktig at alle så, ikke bare vi som fans som vet at for eksempel Young er for gammel, etter ydmykelsen mot Messi og marerittkampene som fortsatte ut sesongen gjorde det umulig for klubben ikke å åpne lommeboka for en erstatter.

Så langt har Solskjær:

  • Fått De Gea til å bli
  • de spillerne som har vært best er hans nye signeringer
  • topp 4 og 2 poeng bak City
  • beholdt Pogba -denne er kanskje litt diskuterbar siden det ryktes at han vil bort, men det var ekstremt viktig å beholde han i sommer og det har han gjort. Selges han kommer det 100% inn en ersatter i sommer
  • gir nye kontrakter til spillere han ser en fremtid med, i dag forlenget Lindelôf. Mye bedre å gjøre nå enn mot slutten og vi alle kan føle på desperasjonen

Jeg er absolutt positiv til tiden fremover. Selv om det er Europa League i morgen så gleder jeg meg (faktisk), unggutta slipper til og det er alltid spennende.


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