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For many people, work has started again after the summer break. And what a summer huh?🤨 I love to travel so it’s been strange to just be in Norway except 5 days in Copenhagen last month when it still were safe, but I’m happy we didn’t travel to Spain/France etc as we usually do in the summer. Unfortunately this pandemic is no way near finished and they are starting to lock down parts of Norway again before it gets out of control and that’s not good at all. For me, since I’m a full time student, my first day back to reality was today.  Next week will be super busy so I have to sit down and make a plan so I’m prepared every day. Actually looking forward to it and I’m grateful my side job is something I can do from home and with my phone/computer. Definitely make life easier. Since we got married early July we have been enjoying life even tho we couldn’t do a proper honeymoon. We’ve been out a lot, eating and drinking whatever we wanted and had good times with our friends. A good Norwegian summer, but now it’s back to reality with things every day, gym life calls and a new season as well soon- love it!

As I said, this summer was a different one, and it’s ok- but what really sucks are watching my stories on social media from this period. I’ve been in Manchester every Premier League start for 4-5 years now and it’s like a heartbreak watching my stories from that time. The feeling being in Manchester the first round of the Premier League is unbelievable, we all are like kids on Christmas Eve looking forward to our presents! So yeah, watching movies from my seat at Stretford End sucks right now. God knows when we are allowed back😭

We finished the season yesterday and yes, of course I’m gutted that we didn’t win. We were 1 game away from the final which sucks. I do think we were a bit unlucky, the goal keeper had some incredible saves and some very strange decisions from the ref. But then again, you have to score goals to win the game and United didn’t manage that yesterday. The boys look very tired, especially Rashford. Not only are we depending on having the best team from start, but also having a good day at work, and we definitely missed that yesterday.

We can say this and that about the players and Solskjær. Some are happy with the season, some are very disappointed. I’m disappointed for yesterday’s performance but all in all I’m happy with the progress they have shown. I can see the contour of a great team, Solskjær still have work to do when it comes to his tactics and getting more players in, but we are onto something.

4 weeks break now until Premier League 2020/2021 kicks off and it will be good with a break now. Such a strange and long season that definitely have had an impact on the players and staff. They deserve a break now and so do we, haha.

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