please don’t take my Solskjær away

Again, thank you all for your kind messages lately. I’ve read every single one of them and I appreciate your support. It’s difficult to be in a position where you share a lot from your life when something like this happens. I just wanted to disappear but I also think it’s important to share not only the good and happy days. Unfortunately life can be very unfair and I needed a break. The loss of my friend has changed me and it’s something I have to process for a very long time, but I’m blessed with so many good people around me so I will be fine.

A lot have happened lately, as you now know I’ve experienced something extremely tragic and painful. But also something in the total opposite direction, life has given me everything lately. Good and bad. I’ve been thinking a lot on my life and everything around it.Things that happens With you, is it faith or coincidences and what’s meant to be will always find it’s way? I believe most things happens for a reason, and often hard times can be a blessing in disguise. I’m growing, I’m letting go of a lot of things and I’m not looking back. I will let this strengthen me and I’ve realized what I want in life and what I need to do. What I need to do to reach my goals and to be happy. That means big changes in my life, but only good ones and I’ll write more about that later!

And over to my heading, it’s time to announce Ole now isn’t it? I haven’t blogged in a long time and oh my god a lot have happened With United the past month! Ole truly deserves to be our permanent manager and I stood by that even before PSG and felt he had proven what’s needed before that game, which we obviously (🙄😂) was going to lose! That game is probably the most emotional game I’ve ever experienced. I was shaking and I cried my eyes out when Rash sent us trough. Honestly the craziest football experience I’ve had and I get goosebumps just thinking of it. United, with all our injuries, young kids that ran out there for their first time for our time beat f…. PSG! It must be the biggest turnaround in history!

We got a reality check against Arsenal and Wolves but to be honest it had to come.
It was a big disappointment to lose against Wolverhampton as it was our only real chance for some silverware this season, so I guess we just have to make it to Madrid and win it there 🤪. But there’s no need to panic, even though our team got some weak spots that has to be strengthened this summer, Ole has done an amazing job and he’s turned things around for sure.
The United of Solskjær is the United of Ferguson. It’s the United way, playing with belief, youth, commitment and passion.

I’ve already put champagne in the fridge and I’m sure it’s a matter of when and not if now. We need Solskjær and it will be a big step in the right direction signing him permanent.

International break is finally over- it’s really not the same watching Norway especially not when all you want is to see United rise again so i can’t wait for Saturday and to see United-Watford. The top four race will be crazy so Ole and the guys has to bounce back now and secure another victory! 

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