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Wednesday and matchday again! The sun is shining and so is life. Only United can change that 😂 We’re playing at Old Trafford tonight and facing Sheffield United. A team that has surprised this season and this is a very important game for both teams. It’s been a massive conversation around our goalkeepers the last days and in my eyes there’s no doubt; De Gea is our number 1 and we should back him. He’s been weak the last two seasons?! Really? How about all the seasons he saved our ass? I can not believe how impatient our own supporters are and it disappoints me every single time. Players are humans and they do mistake. Unfortunately this break can have made some a bit rusty, it was not only De Gea who didn’t played his best on Friday but we get up and move on. We are just starting to get a decent defense and I want De Gea for many seasons. Do I like Henderson? Of course! Absolutely!! And it’s so good to see some players out on loan who actually steps up and can be world class. In my eyes it’s way to soon to dump De Gea, and Henderson should at least be on loan another full season, he will grow so much on that. And of course a huge plus for us today that he’s not allowed to play against us today.
We didn’t play that bad against Spurs, but it was a strange game. Something with the non existent atmosphere and the long break, it reminded me at times as a pre-season game. We did deserve a win in my eyes though, but the Spurs game belongs to the past and today is a new day. The players have one game down now and I believe they are more ready tonight. Bruno was really good and Pogba amazing and I think we will see them both from start today and I’m so excited to see them together!
Great news that McTominay has signed a new deal for us to 2025. As I said in my last post, I really believe in this team. Out with players that’s not good enough for this level and in with some new and then we’re really talking.

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