Being a Manchester United supporter

I asked earlier on my Instagram what made you a Manchester United supporter. I loved the response! Almost 300 of you took the time to tell your stories and I loved every single one of them. For me, it doesn’t matter if you became a fan the day you were born, after the treble or now when Solskjær came in as a manager. What’s matter is that you are a supporter of our club, trough thick and thin. In my eyes a true supporter is a fan that’s there and cheers on the team not only when we win, but also when we lose. Lately there’s been more bad days than good, but it will turn, make sure you can be proud of yourself when you celebrate that. 

There’s so much negativity online, but I also believe you can choose what you want to use your energy on. Reading your stories of how and why you became a United fan really cheered me up. I was smiling trough every comment and we have an amazing fan base! 

Sometimes I get comments that I’m a plastic supporter, that I only support United because of their fame, that I only go to Manchester for the big games, that I do it for attention and I should support my local team. 

Maaaan those comments are the stupidest ever. Seriously. First of all: ITS NOT A COMPETITION ABOUT BEING THE BIGGEST RED! It’s room for everyone 😆 I have traveled around the world the last 10 years and I’ve met United supporters in EVERY country I’ve been to! From in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the smallest island in the middle of the night with people that only can dream of maybe one day visit Manchester, to the local Manchester boys that’s born close to Old Trafford. 

When you’re a kid you don’t think of biography. You don’t care about titles. What you care about is the player that every kid wants to be on the pitch when you play football, who everyone talks about. You wear the shirt your uncle gave you for birthday or the team your dad watches. You don’t think as a 7 year old that you can’t support Manchester United even tho the legend who scored the team into winning the treble because some people on twitter 20 years later will call you plastic because you are from Norway 😂😂

As I said, you can say so much negative about people online. But I chose to ignore the ‘haters’ and focus on the good people. And thank god there are so many more nice and positive people out there! And I love communicate with you all and share our common passion. I think it’s amazing for people living in another continent getting up at crazy times to watch United and still continue your normal life after with work and family. It’s dedicated and I respect that so much. 

After all, we are a family ❤️

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