Big game tonight

Playing against Arsenal is always something special because one of the first games I watched as a kid was against them and we got some legendary matches to look back at. But I have to be honest, part of the buzz is gone. I don’t have the typical matchday feeling and I hate it, especially when it’s a big game!

Big games always excites me and I think about the game all day, but I’m not looking forward to another humiliation on Old Trafford 😂 and don’t get me wrong- I will ALWAYS support United no matter how shit they are, I will continue going to games and cheer them on. Hopefully the feeling will get to me later today when I’m at the pub with my friends. It’s a different feeling going into the game without being nervous, if we win it’s gonna be amazing and a big victory for United, but I’m realistic and I’m just hoping for the best 🙉

It would be sooooo good seeing some proper football tonight so fingers crossed but I’m prepared for the opposite as well.


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