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Manchester United, the only football club in the world with 1 billion managers..

To have ‘Solskjær in’ as a header is ridiculous, but necessary. I’m gonna try writing this blogpost without too much swearing, but I can’t promise you that. We lost against West Ham and we’re all f… frustrated about the result. Or lack of results to be more correct.. BUT- if you seriously want Solskjær out now, IN SEPTEMBER, you have forgotten what Manchester United is all about. We all want to see the youth coming trough, we want the deadwood out, we want entertainment and good results. If you know anything about football or sports in general you also know taking over a team that was way over due date (Ferguson’s team) it’s going to take a long time building Manchester United up again. When 3 managers has tried and been fired after a short period you know Solskjær was put in a very tough situation. He’s still struggling with Fergies leftovers plus Moyes, van Gaals and Mourinhos failed philosophies, transfers and attitude with individuals and as a team. It’s not going to take one summer of transfers, it’s going to take YEARS! Are you in for that?

Top 4 is our best chance this season and I said that before the season started. I will also take many bad and ‘failed’ seasons if it means that Solskjær is rebuilding the team. It’s a progress that needs time.

Solskjær gets criticized no matter what he does and it pisses me off. He was too soft when I wanted every player to get a change when he took over, people was screaming that the deadwood had to go- and he did exactly that! Players that didn’t deliver and who fans were writing week after week wasn’t good enough are now cut in half. He’s clearly working on getting players out and the right ones in. What to I read now? That he’s stupid for letting them go. Jesus f… Christ. Lukaku was unprofessional, stated in his social media that he wanted to leave, didn’t show up for training, that – and with poorer first touch than me and not scoring goals which is he’s number one job out there – why should we keep paying him millions without any thing back? Do you really believe he would have fought out there on Sunday?? Not getting a replacement wasn’t the best but rather playing the youth than keep on having players that don’t want to be in the club here…?! You can’t win with these kind of fans. It’s totally normal to want your team to win and get results, but be realistic!

I wasn’t happy with the team Sunday and who Solskjær chose to start and to substitute is on him. I’m not trying to be naive and just support him, he needs to smarter with who he picks. Matic and Mata isn’t good enough but I guess he picked them for their routine. The ones that deserve to be yelled at after West Ham are mostly the PLAYERS! No passion, no desire. That’s on the players because they have fuck all out there. Solskjær doesn’t have the ultimate team yet so he has to try and fail with those he got. And it’s getting clearer and clearer who’s not going to be a part of the future of this club. Our biggest problem isn’t Solskjær, it’s the lack of quality in our squad. United doesn’t have the depth we need right now so there’s gonna be more disappointing results, it’s probably gonna get worse before it gets better.

I’m 100% behind project Solskjær and I got many reasons, the biggest is that he got a plan and he will do it in ‘United traditions’. I also believe the board has understood now that they need to back him financially and it’s not done in one transfer window, but he’s in his way making his own team.

Even if you are Solskjær out, a new manager wouldn’t fix a thing right now so instead of bringing more shit to the table, shut it and be patient.

I asked for your opinions on my Instagram and with over 10 000 answers(!) my head is boiling 😂 luckily, most of us do have faith in Solskjær  and I think it’s important to show our support. If you’re not able to travel to Manchester and support the team on Old Trafford, show your support on social media. It’s too toxic now and it will only make our situation worse.

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One thought on “Solskjær in

  1. Hva mener du med progresjon?i går,skam,fiasko,latterlig!
    Ikkeno har blitt bedre,kapteins bindet?spiller de Stein,saks,papir hver gang det er kamp om hvem som skal ha det??
    Jeg liker Ole kjempe godt,men stikk finger’n i jorda!han er ikkeno å satse på!
    Tror du feks pogba respekterer han?
    Pogba kan starte som frisør,at han og fler ikke kontrollerte kampen i går,skam!
    Skam i forsvar og skam i angrep!
    Hva gjør det på trening?

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