International break and progress for United

Time flies and that’s good, I got five exams before Christmas so I should be stressed, especially when it’s getting closer and closer, but I can’t wait until I’m finished so I can leave the country again😂 it’s a tradition to go to Manchester in December for a game and visit the Christmas marked but I can’t make it this year unfortunately! But I have a long vacation (almost 3 weeks) after my exams are finished so I will travel then!

Weekends without the Premier League is so boring, even though international breaks happens every season it feels like a shock every time. Like wtf am I going to do this weekend 😂 I managed to fill this weekend with an early Christmas party with some of my best friends on Friday and since I got the mentality like an old lady I stayed home in the sofa with pillows and my duvet over me the rest of the weekend. Started (and finished) a show on HBO called In Between and it was really good!

I haven’t watched any of the international games actually, just the headlights. Nothing new though, Norway didn’t qualify and the earth is round.

What’s most important during the break is no players get injured, but I’m always happy to see the players doing good. Playing for their national team is big so hopefully it has given the chosen some extra motivation and for the other some well deserved rest. Can’t wait for the next game. I’m feeling a little bit optimistic and it’s a very good feeling after this horrible start..

Theres been two games since my last blog post, before the international break. Two games, two victories and SIX goals! We can chose to be all negative and complain about things we can’t fix, hate on others team or just keep on supporting United. I’ll chose the last option. No matter how much I hate other teams, United will always be my priority. So yes, Liverpool will probably win the league this season. But I really can’t be arsed about it now, it will ruin my daily life and mood if I’m stuck thinking about it so I won’t. But it’s clear VAR doesn’t live up to my expectations. The game against Liverpool and City was a perfect proof of that, when they don’t pick up on situations like those hands- and offside situations I give up. What’s the point with VAR then? In a big an important game like that the results could have been different if there was correct judgment, but nothing to do with it now.. that’s football I guess. Just hate technology that’s meant to help and the results are the opposite.

But United are showing progress and that makes me happy! We are far away of being a team like Liverpool and City, but can we all just try and remember back in time, every team goes trough a progress, a progress only time and/or money will fix and United are working on it. And as I said, were seeing progress, there’s been two really good games and I don’t care AT ALL that one team was Partizan. The boys played with passion, they had fun and for a supporter that’s exactly what I want to see! We are far from where we wanna be, but playing like this should be the standard! When you play forward you will get to chances! Kind of simple really, but I understand football is way more than what’s happening in the pitch. It’s young people dealing with their personal issues, they’re trying to fit in and that’s always hard. And being in a team where you know it’s a big change is of course hard on them because the psychological plays are a huge part. We can say they should bite their teeth together and suck it up, but when it’s psychologically it can’t be fixed that easily. We all know how much the players confidence matters and that’s a big part of that. Fred and Pereira are two good examples on that and look at them now!

I’m not convinced they are good enough, I still believe Pereira is a squad player at his best, but they have taken huge steps! Solskjær has given them time, they are starting to get comfortable out on the pitch and they have had a really good progress lately! I had almost given up on Fred, but look at him now. Now I can understand why we bought him and it’s like getting a new player in the team! He also looks so much more comfortable now, speaking up, taking shots and working  hard- I love it!

Hopefully we can continue playing this way, I can’t see a reason why we can’t so I got high expectations for the last games in 2019

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2 thoughts on “International break and progress for United

  1. Liverpool hadde vunnet uansett,straffe eller ei!du mener det var straffe og sikkert fler,du hørte kommentar til ekspertene!det var ikke straffe,mener de!
    Så det blir mye synsing!
    Og VAR går tydeligvis begge veier i premier league!syns United har fått mange billige straffer til seg!

  2. Od du drar opp Liverpool-city!
    Jeg som city supporter,mener det var en vanskelig situasjon den straffa!
    Noen dømmer på den og noen ikke!
    Men takk for at du heier på city,i den kampen!
    For når United møter Liverpool,håper vi Liverpool knuser dere!

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