Trough thick and thin

I had a bad feeling about Newcastle away, and unfortunately I was right. With this thin squad and several important players out, and United being on a really bad track, I knew it was going to be hard.

This situation is making me feel sick. Sick and almost heartbroken because I feel it won’t end good. I wasn’t surprised at all when Longstaff scored and because I love this sport I couldn’t help feeling happy for him. He played with passion and his feelings for his club said it all when he scored. That’s what football is all about and I miss it.

You know what I feel about Solskjær and I would have said the same about anyone else in his shoes right now. I’m backing him but he needs to be more ruthless and for ffs stick to a game plan. I’m really struggling to see what the players are practicing on training? It looks like they never played together and it’s awful to watch. Some players should have played their last minutes for Manchester United on Sunday and no matter how much I love Matas personality, he doesn’t deserve playing from start. You simply don’t run AWAY from the ball, simple as that. The players that should have stepped up has failed massively and I’ll blame they more than Solskjær.

Without knowing what’s going on in the dressing room, everything people are saying are simply speculations, but what Keane said back in April has some truth in it; ‘ leopards doesn’t change their spots, these are the same players that threw Mourinho under the bus and they’ll do exactly the same to Ollie.’

There has to be some truth in it because I refuse to believe that Solskjær is happy with this. And for what he’s saying to the press, come on. Have you ever had a job where you don’t agree on how to do things/say things but because it’s your boss you have to stick with it?! What do you guys really think would happen if he said it as it was? Of course Ole wanted midfielders and at least one striker, but he can’t go out saying the team he got now is poor. He has to stay positive, we all know what happened to our managers who went to the media admitting they don’t have a clue or start to blame the board/players. This is Solskjærs dream job and he will do what’s in his power to make United great again. I can even understand he using Mata, Matic, Young etc because if he hadn’t he would have get massive abuse for not using players with experience. When results are missing, everything you do is wrong.

Relegation? Would have been fun that, good old games against Leeds again, the fans that’s here just for glory would be gone and maybe also the Glazers as well? 😂

We got ONE world class player in this team and that’s David De Gea. Man I felt for him during his post match interview. But it was honest and truthful. He can’t throw the players under the bus but he’s clearly not happy with their performances.

And players like De Gea is part of the reason I will back this team. First of all I will always support Manchester United because as a fan that’s just what you do no matter results, but even though I agree there’s many players that needs to go, the squad isn’t full rotten. There’s a lot of potential, our new signings and the youth are very exciting and they need us! We can’t only be there for the team when they win and when it’s bad they use the Glazer excuse to not support the team anymore. That’s just so wrong in my eyes, I want the Glazers out as well but I will always back the team. It’s trough thick and thin remember..

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5 thoughts on “Trough thick and thin

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