Thoughts on Ole, PSG and top 4


…and people are still questioning Solskjær and United. I seriously can’t see why we should sign someone else, Ole will always play the United way and the players loves him. To see Lingard and Rash play like this under him is like a romantic fairytale. We got to keep this. I’ve said it earlier, I can see so much of Ferguson in Solskjær. 

Since Ole arrived, he has more points than any other team in the league. Undefeated- in every tournament. We have scored the most and conceived the least. Just imagine if he came in sooner… He has proven enough if you ask me. Many wants to see him against the top top team, but let be honest; even under Ferguson we could lose against them. Facing PSG is the top 3 teams you don’t wanna face – no matter how strong the team is. And we got Jones in defense 🙈 so that’s gonna be by far the two toughest games in years! And most likely will we lose, but that’s not on Ole. That’s about limitations, 50% of our defender are from when Fergie was the boss, they are outdated – but it’s what we got. 

So can we beat PSG?

Call me crazy, but yes. Mourinho had already set the expectations to not expect too much, and it will still be a disappointment if we lose, but Ole has given me some hope. We need to focus on not conceding goals in the away game. Easier said than done, but if United continues this form and work more defensively they can give a tough fight to PSG. Their main advantage is obviously their attack. But Neymar is out and even though I love winning over the best possible team, I’ll take that any day. I will say our midfield is better than PSG and if we are solid at the back and still manage to do attacks I’m actually positive. God, I’m so excited. PSG- United and I believe we will win, that’s a good feeling 😉 I will probably not be as confident as I am now just before kick off, but facing one of the best team in the world and still got the feeling we can get something out of it is a long and missed feeling!

I’m curious on how Solskjær will prepare the team so playing away against Fulham today we can’t expect too much of the team. Players need to be rested, but again- we’re reaching for top four and with some help from our noisy neighbors tomorrow we will make it! Important day today- COME ON UNITED!

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