Ole’s at the wheel

..tell me how good does this feel?

I met up with Football whispers last Sunday before the game and had a quick talk about Ole and how he has turned things around. It’s hard to explain how big it is. They asked how it felt as a Norwegian and I couldn’t be prouder. I’m so excited and it seems like I will hold on to this feeling until it’s his last day in charge. I’ll be forever grateful for what he’s already done for us no matter where he takes us this season. He’s not a miracle man, but he dragged us up from the mud, I was feeling miserable as a supporter so just to get his smiling face I front of me and not the attitude Jose always had was a big improvement. 

The game against Spurs would be Oles biggest test so far. Spurs is a dangerous team when they’re at their best, one of the best in the league. Solskjær had already made history in the club with five wins, but the critics said we couldn’t judge before the team had really been tested. Fair enough. Spurs isn’t a joke and they desperately needed tree points as well. 

I was excited and a bit nervous, and the match didn’t disappoint me! 

This is more than just a “new manager bounce”, I feel Solskjær and United deserves way more respect! You can say he had an easy start, but no games are easy in the Premier League, they all need to be won- and so far Ole has cleaned the table. Give the man credit!  Except from the positivity and the new confident, we could clearly see he got a game plan. United plays like a team. The win against Spurs was amazing, they sure tried their best and can we just end the discussion on who’s the best goalkeeper? In Norway we have this man commenting on the games, and he’s clearly so anti United and it pisses me off. And unfortunately it’s the only channel that shows the Premier League so I’m kind of stacked with him. Maybe it’s unnecessary to say he supports Liverpool but yeah.. but to look on the bright side it’s funny to hear his bitter voice when we have won. We didn’t win because we were lucky. De Gea is a part of the team as much as Rashford and they both did an amazing job and secured another tree points in the bag. 

Another step in the right direction for United and today we are finally playing at Old Trafford again! Hopefully we will continue this good run and Ole will again be in the history books if he win this game. 7 out of 7 COME ON UNITED!

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