OGS biggest test

Tomorrow is a big day, it will be the biggest test for Solskjær so far and we desperately need all 3 points to have a chance for top 4. It won’t be an easy game so right now I’m a little nervous, I can already imagine all the negativity Solskjær and the team will get if they lose and that’s so unfair. He’s done a fantastic job so far and we can’t expect a win every game. Sometimes they will lose and that’s how it is, I just know how it will be in the media and from others supporters! So let’s hope for a win! 

Last time we faced Tottenham was a nightmare so revenge is needed! As I said I’m a bit nervous but also, I’m much more positive now with Solskjær, now I can actually hope for a win, if we still was under Mourinho I’d be happy with a draw and prepared to lose. To just be able to be positive before a big game feels good, the team will come to Wembley and be confident and Spurs will know it’s a ‘new United’ will face- and that is a big and important change! 

I’m really excited for tomorrow, I love to meet bigger teams and it will be very interesting to watch United tomorrow! I always have a feeling when I wake up, if we’re gonna win or if it’s gonna be a tough one. I will keep you updated but I know that United will attack and that’s a pretty good feeling.

What do you dxpect for tomorrow?

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    Takk for at du engasjerer deg i denne bloggen.
    Unngå personangrep og sjikane og prøv å holde en hyggelig tone selv om du skulle være uenig med noen.
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