Poch out, Jose in. What’s next?

Things happens fast in football! Got a message yesterday about Poch being fired and ‘we got to sign him now’ and I was like, no no no! So I tweeted ‘Stay away Poch. Stay away’ and I couldn’t be more on twitter that night because I knew what everyone would say.

Let me just start with saying I really like Poch. He’s a top manager and I like his style! If this happened one year ago I wouldn’t hesitate at all. But you know what, that ship has sailed. United’s board have messed up ever since Ferguson left and every manager we’ve had after him, deserved more time- and respect. Not saying they were the right people, Moyes was a disaster, but also, none of our managers had ever got a fair chance to succeed. The sacking of Mourinho was unfair, he deserved way more respect and everyone can see now that the team he got was a mess. But it’s important to add that Jose contributed to his own sacking. Outing players and being negative is never the key to success so it had to happen. And now, United got a new manager and the board has stated that he’s safe. Solskjær got a long-term strategy which the board has confirmed. Sacking him now would be the most ridiculous sacking in our history and I can’t go into how upset and pissed off I would be.

I think I mentioned it in my previous blogpost that Solskjær is slowly getting progress. We have had a horrible midfield but three players have grown so fast it’s like getting new players, the signings he did in the summer has been top notch. The injury list is getting shorter and we have won and scored six goals the last two games. The squad is what it is, we won’t get consistency before we can sign new players and therefore we need to be patient. Sacking him now is ridiculous. I guess the only players that want Solskjær out are the ones that’s shite and know they’re time is running out, and they can’t really perform any worse then they already does so I don’t see them as a big scary factor in the dressing room.

But, it’s not good news for Solskjær at all and I believe the haters will be full on the upcoming weeks so hopefully Poch will give a statement soon, I reckon he will go to Germany and get a break from the English League.

Of course, I thought about Jose taking over Tottenham last night and the scenario of Jose back at Old Trafford and Pogba starting the game against his old boss. First thing I read when I woke up is that he’s confirmed! As I said, things happens fast in football. I can’t really wish him all the best as his again a rival, but it’s very exciting having Mourinho back in the Premier League! It will definitely not be boring.

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One thought on “Poch out, Jose in. What’s next?

  1. Er så enig med deg. Er selv United fan siden 1977, og irriterer meg grønn noen ganger over at kona mi ikke engang er litt interessert i fotball. Bare stå på du. Vi trenger flere som deg.👍

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