A blessing in disguise

In my blogpost yesterday about our first game in the Europa League, I said that even though it sucks not being in the Champions League, it’s a perfect opportunity for Solskjær to start forming what he got into his own team and what will be the future for Manchester United.
9 changes in the team who played against Leicester and it surprised me that Greenwood, Gomes and Chong started. I was really excited about seeing them all from start, but also knew that with so many youngsters I couldn’t expect too much.

For the young boys it’s important that they get as many minutes as they can, they need to start getting comfortable playing for the first team, getting used to play against tougher teams. I love their hunger and passion for the game, but we need to remember they are young, this is new to them. It’s normal to make a lot of mistakes and it’s so important that they dare to do it as well. Solskjær knows this and it’s one of the reasons I love him as our manager. He will focus on youth and United’s DNA. It will be a bumpy ride with ups and downs and we all need to accept that and trust Ole and give the players our support. We have all heard the legendary quote ‘you won’t win anything with kids’
Yesterday Greenwood in an age of 17 scored the winner goal. There is a unique feeling when a kid from United gets into the team and makes it. I believe we will se a lot of that from Solskjær and I can’t wait!

It wasn’t a comfortable win at all. It’s the same thing we’ve seen all season, United are the best team and have a lot of chances but just don’t score. In the start it’s entertaining but then it gets very frustrating especially when we have been punished for it so many times. Rash wasn’t clinical enough but that’s football sometimes. When I saw the start Xl of United I knew it wasn’t going to be easy- but I did expect a win! 100%

So many are not happy about the game and I do understand the frustration- we all felt it!! But again it’s margins against us, if we had them with us we would have won 4-5 -0 and it would be a perfect game and the players would have been heroes. People have been screaming that they want the guys to start games and when they do it’s wrong. So it’s back to internet abuse of a 21 year old academy player. I’m getting closer and closer every game to give up Twitter and Facebook 😂 thank god my boyfriend and my best friend are football SMART and not just ‘fans’ so we can have a decent conversation about United. I would have lost it long time ago if not 😂

It started as a game we controlled and it got tough, but United kept attacking and a kid that’s been in the club since he was 6 years old scored and United won. F… freaking fantastic if you ask me!

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