First game in the EL

FC Astana.. what do we really know about this team? I have to be honest, I haven’t heard about them until now. Typical Europa League 🙉 I’ve said it earlier, we don’t deserve being in the Champions League right now. Our team is simply not good enough! And watching PSG – Real Madrid yesterday made that even clearer. It sucks, but I’ve had too much pain the last years playing against the big teams. We had that night in Paris, which will be one of my favorite experiences, but after a short time in heaven, Messi brought us all back to the ground. Messi vs Young was painful to watch. So yeah, FC Astana it is 😂💪🏽

The buzz is gone, we have won Europe League and it was fun that season, but now..? Not so much. But it is a perfect opportunity for Solskjær to use his highly talented youngsters! So I’m looking forward to see the boys tonight, I know they are hungry for playing so hopefully it will be an entertaining game!

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