Corona and Pogba virus, the night in Paris and Solskjær

I have never experienced anything like this before, the panicking and shut downs everywhere. Of course I’m talking about the Corona virus and it’s awful! I’m not afraid of getting it as it would be like the flu for me, but the fact that I could transfer it to a sick person that wouldn’t handle it as well is kind of scary!

Most likely my school will now be closed because of it so I’m really curious how they will work around it. I have seven exams this semester and four and the most important ones are individual exams in a big room with thousands of students so that can’t work? But they can’t deny the students not to be graduated either?! It will feel a bit unfair for us who works hard for good grades not to get our grades fairly, but they have to sort it some how so maybe the best solution is to pass everyone this semester even though that’s also strange!

Games are canceled, some are played without fans in the stadium.. And since this virus seems to just get stronger and the spreading continues I’m worried the Euros will be canceled as well!? We can now get a taste of how boring life is without sports in it!

I’ve been really stressed lately, it’s too much going on. Usually I love that, but with this virus I’m afraid I will be sick and my plans gets ruined, I just don’t have time to get sick now. I know it sounds selfish, of course my number one concern are people in the risk group. But we all need to try our best not to get sick- but it seems impossible. Since I got engaged I have barely rested, you want to look your best when you get married so I’m living gym life now with studies and everything that happens on the side of it. I’m getting married in UNDER TWO MONTHS and before my biggest day so far in my life, there’s something every weekend so I’m stressed that I will be stressed 😂 stressed that someone gets sick etc! I have my bachelorette party, going away on Easter holiday and two exams before the big day.. did I mention all that in six weeks😱 I was supposed to play the national tournament in poker in Dublin as well the first week in April but yesterday they announced it canceled due the virus so I got a bit calmer since I have one week extra to relax and not be out 😂 I really understand why they do it, but of course it’s sad that many important things get canceled. Fingers crossed it will stop soon 🤞🏽

Over to another virus, Pogba is back training! Haha I’m joking! I’m not picking a side here, because I get why many wants Pogba out, but he gets so much shit because of his personality! So much abuse because he was dancing in a wedding?! Like we wouldn’t do the same if we were not able to work because of an injury? Is it smart to post it in social media? NO! 100% not- but why?? Because people are so fast to jump to conclusions and can’t read between lines, they believe everything they read and are so fast judging people! That’s why it’s not smart. I believe 100% (I could say a 1000% in this case but I’m not that person hahah) that Pogba is 100% professional about his career!! All he wants is to be fit and get playing again! 100%!!!!! Is his heart in United? Most likely not, but I also believe he has told Solskjær if he wants to leave and then we should sell him! End of story. If he want to stay and fight for us- perfect!! I don’t get why people choose to pick an agenda against a player that’s been injured almost a full season!! Of course a player like him would try and do his best to get back fit, he is a winner type and wants to win trophies not lay high with his leg in a cast! Why bother be so fu…. negative about something we can’t do anything about. With the amount of hate Pogba gets I also understand if he wants to leave United cause many of our fans are shit. Also, I would be less annoyed 😂

It still amuses me that some wants to fire Solskjær because he hasn’t won anything (expect the league multiple times in Norway and for the United reserve team..) and picks the manager that got sacked for THE EXACT SAME REASON in Spurs?!? 😂 I’m done talking/ defending Solskjær and why I believe in him as our manager long time ago. I usually love a good discussion but the “Ole out fans” are delusional. Not everyone, but those who refuse to look at the bigger picture. And I would rather discuss with a wall than them. You know they’re wrong with after “HE HASNT WON ANYTHING” they go on to that I’m Norwegian and that’s the only reason I back him, and last that I’m a girl so what do I know 😂 Good discussion that..

They also said he had to be more consistent. Ten in a row. TEN. That’s consistency. And we all agree we have to be able to beat a relegation team, but individual mistakes are not on Ole. Ten in a row means he’s really starting to show his philosophy and that it works. Our key players are getting back from injury, it’s pretty clear who Ole wants out this summer- but most importantly: the players believe in Solskjær and backs him! With time, that build a strong character for the team.

I believe Solskjær will succeed, and I will be there with him all along. In bad times and hopefully good times. As a supporter you can’t really chose when to support them and not. I read many online that say the opposite, but then I remember the beautiful fact that online trolls are a small(!) part of our fans base. Solskjærs name has been sang home and away all season and that’s what matters. Try and go to a game yourself- or if that’s not an option- go to a pub and interact with passionate fans, if you sit in your room and be on twitter every game no wonder you’re so bitter 😂

Last week there was one year since the night in Paris and yes, we didn’t win the cup so why celebrate or talk about it? Because it was one of the strongest wins in our history. On that day last year I had just lost one of my best friends, he was also a United fan so this win was for him. I was at my all time lowest in life with so many stressful things in life that brought me pain, and I was so negative for this game and was close just skip it and try to sleep. But United fought back, and they reminded me why I love football so much: that no matter what’s going on in your life, you get these 90 minutes off and can enjoy football without stressing with life, for 90 minutes nothing else matters. And it gave me one of my best memories ever, I felt it was a sign and it will forever be a big, big game and memory for me.

I haven’t had time to write here so much lately, as I explained in the beginning here, life is busy! But I’m enjoying United these days, I really look forward to the games and may it continue!

The game on Sunday.. where to start? I didn’t have the best feeling before kick off and I HATE losing against City. Didn’t help with the shitty ref either. But United, again, showed us who’s the boss in this town. Amazing win for the team and of course Solskjær!

I believe we all have at some point questioned if he’s the right man or not. Months ago it didn’t look good and if that continued of course he would be sacked. No one is ever safe in this game. I’ve said this before and I back Solskjær, but I don’t think he’s the best manager out there. But for our club he has an unique chance to be one and I want to support that. Wouldn’t have been any different if it was someone else, but now it’s Solskjær so let’s get behind him and the players.

Remember, there’s no better feeling than being a RED ❤️



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  1. Siden du er så glad i den svarte sangerinnen du hadde på insta-stories i dag..altso skal eg vere heilt ærleg so veit eg ikkje namnet på henne.ha ha er det Alicia Keys eller Beyonce Knowles..sorry!Men du skal få eit bra tips når det gjelder svarte sangerinner:Er det Aretha Franklin?NeidaNeida,er det Minnie Riperton jada jada
    Lovin`You og Our Lives fra albumet Perfect Angel blant flere!Kjempe bra sanger

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