About being a blogger, in the public eye and abuse online

Ten years ago ‘everyone’ had a blog and they updated it 3-4 times a day if it was your job. It’s obvious other platforms have taken over now and many big influencers has stopped blogging. For me, even though I’ve had a blog contract for so long, this has always been my hobby. I post more often on Instagram and Twitter, but my blog is ‘my happy place’, a good place to be and to write.  I love to write, about everything that’s on my mind, get my thoughts down on paper(or on a screen) and just write free, explain and show you guys how I feel. I think the reason why many quits blogging after a while it’s because it’s hard work, you have to create content. For me it’s a bit different because I’ve never blogged with the intention of making money out of it, I blog because I love to share my passion about Manchester United, and as I’ve gained some followers who are genuine, good people who likes to follow my life, I also sometimes share special moments in my private life.

So yeah, my blog will stand for many years to come, we have Twitter who only allow so many words(140?) in a tweet and I’ve been misunderstood so many times there because it doesn’t allow you to write as much as you want. And Instagram is mainly about the pictures you post. That’s why I still love blogging. I can write whatever I want and get to explain how I feel, and also post as much pictures I want in one post.

I always say I’m gonna be better to update here, but it just isn’t that easy. It takes hours to write a post in two different languages and you know, life is busy. But my point here is; I’m still enjoying my blog and I appreciate you guys reading this whenever I post and thank you for the feedback. It’s very motivating!

I wrote earlier this year that I want to start giving back, I have never felt or said- and never will- that I’m a better, bigger fan than you guys. We all love the same club and I love to interact with my followers. Have I been lucky? Yes. But have I also worked hard for it? Hell yes. Some (of course it comes from people who don’t know me and just seen a picture of me) will say I get my followers from being a pretty girl. But when I hear that I get pissed off, I’m from Norway and honestly, the girls/women here are ridiculously pretty! I can walk down Karl Johan and by that time find at least 30 girls that knocks out the Victoria’s Secret girls. If I only wanted attention for my looks as some have claimed, I would have continued with modeling and working in the fashion industry, but that’s not me and not what I enjoy. I don’t see my self any better than other people, I honestly look like a random girl in Oslo so that’s my point, I don’t get extra attention because there are Mila Kunis and Britney Spears lookalikes everywhere 😂 But! I have, no matter how tired and busy I was, updated my blog etc about games. I have every weekend been late or had to cancel plans because of United, I’ve used hours to write about my predictions, analyzed them after the game. I have spend my last penny in my account to travel to Manchester and see my team play. I have used literally all my time, energy and money on Manchester United. And I wouldn’t have done that if it was just to get attention, then I would just be sat on twitter during the game and post a selfie, I would have chosen the easy road😂 But no, for over 15 years I’ve been ALL IN. And you can’t fake passion. I’ve sacrificed a lot to get to where I am now, because it’s forced me to be consistent. And no, I’m not saying it do brag or claim me as a top red, I don’t mind how other chose to cheer on United. But being passionate about something also demands things. So it’s been hard work at times. But it’s lead me to have genuine, real followers and I’m now able to work with the best company when it comes to sports, I’m now able to hold competitions on my platforms so you can win tickets and trips to Manchester, you can win football shirts and other cool things that’s football related! And I’m doing it because I know how big it is. As I wrote, I have spend my last money so many times on shirts and football trips, so I know the craving after getting to experience this. And if I can help out- nothing makes me happier!

Ah, it feels good to write free again. I don’t get that bothered of what people write about me or other really, but the worst feeling ever is being misunderstood or treated unfair. That annoys me, but I have to remember I have this arena to write what I feel and forget about the assholes that’s just online to spread hate.

And that brings me over to Caroline Flack. Obviously, you guys from UK know who she was and her story, but she wasn’t that famous in Norway so I didn’t knew who she was, but I can relate to her story and what can I say? Other than it’s fucking tragic and it makes me sick and angry! You can’t blame your mental health issues on other people- but in this case the media and social media trolls are 100% blamable! The way they outed this woman, spread lies and did everything for clicks, at the expense of a person who begged for space and peace. You guys are the reason why she chose to end her life!!

I think it’s a year ago now actually, where some people that hated me (yes, imagine hating a girl that only post about her passion about football 🙄), chose to start posting real nasty things about me on Twitter. I’m not comparing my story AT ALL to Caroline’s, but I have felt the hate from strangers, the lies, the constantly abuse and threats, people cheering on each other to repost things. And it’s hard. Many might know my story, I have wrote about this so many times so it’s never been a secret at all, I actually chose to speak about it again when I turned vegan 5 years ago so I could use my self as an example that it’s possible to change your opinion on a big subject like food. I haven’t been vegan all my life. I’m from the village and was very well aware that we killed animals for food, and just as the rest I felt it was the normal way. People hunted their food, they went on fishing, or they bought the food in stores. Same did I. And almost a decade ago I hunted my self, and yes, it was brutal! But- it was never for sport or glory hunting. How often don’t you see a picture of a person smiling next to the big fish they just got? It’s pretty normal isn’t it, but people have different opinions on certain animals even though almost everything except pets are being eaten. So in this case, some people turned it around that I was a glory hunter and was ‘only vegan for likes and attention’. And as I said, I’ve never hided this, because it’s not been a secret, but- I have made the biggest changes possible when it comes to animals, and I didn’t do it because I have hunted my own food (which I still believe is the best way both ethical and environmental but that’s another subject!) I did it because the mass production of meat and dairy is a living hell for most animals and they’re suffering daily because of our habits. And I couldn’t support it anymore. So I went vegan over night and even though it’s been the best decision in my life, I haven’t really ‘pushed my belief’ on anyone either. I regret every hamburger I’ve ever had, I regret every glass of milk and piece of cheese I’ve eaten. But I can’t do other than apologize and do better.

To get publicly tagged that I should get raped and beaten up and even killed, by some people who chose to trust a tweet from a person who just wants to spread hate it’s kind of crazy. I know my story, I know what I have done and I know what I haven’t, and I’ve spoken about it many times also, I don’t have to speak up to prove myself anymore. But to read so scary things isn’t fun. It’s wasn’t cool and it happened the same time one of my best friends suddenly died and I also had another personal matter with someone in my past that brought me so much stress and pain, I can easily say it was 100% the worst, painful time in my life. If it wasn’t one thing that scared and stressed me, it was the other. When I look back at it, I can’t believe I managed to stand so strong through it, and it also made me so much stronger as a person. No one is perfect, we do mistakes in life, but we have the ability to learn and change from it- and grow to a better person. And hands on my heart, I have.

Some people thinks that it’s ok to be mean and nasty. ‘Because they deserve it.’ ‘They’ve put them self out there’. Bla bla bla..

You know what? It’s never ok to be mean just because you want to! Think what you want in your little head, but if you don’t  have anything nice to say, shut the f… up!

After Caroline’s death it was a storm on social media, people saying be nice to each other. Many people are the same who abused me, and who still are nasty to other girls on social media because they are supporting the team differently than themself or promoting their modeling for example as well as supporting United. I always think it’s more sad when a girl talks shit because in my opinion, we should back each other. Unfortunately I believe every girl has at one point in their life experience a nasty comment and I can’t get my head around how people want to bring that to another person. It’s sad behavior anyways if it’s from a girl or a man, I guess I expect more from the same gender haha. I hope all this trolls- that what you all are- take a lesson from this. Words hurt. And if you can chose not to make a comment, a comment you know will hurt, just keep quiet. Maybe some people deserve to get punished- BUT YOU ARE NOT GOD AND YOU ARE NOT THE JUDGE.

The truth will always come out, and if you have good people around you, they will back you. I realized you cannot discuss or try to explain yourself to people who have an agenda against you. I tried to speak to some because they were basically writing lies and they were sending so much hate towards me, but they twisted every word I wrote so it’s not worth it anymore. But it was good to have some people speaking up for me when I couldn’t. If you don’t like a person, unfollow them, mute them. They’re not worth your time and you don’t want to be a person who have the need to bring people down want you? The answer to that should be a no btw..

So be kind, or be nothing 😜 If you doesn’t like a celebrity or an influencer- the best thing is to unfollow and don’t give them attention! You are not 100% happy with yourself and your life if you chose to jump on a hate- thread and want other people to start dislike a person. Focus on what you like, who you like to follow- and let them know! It’s so easy to be kind and it’s the best feeling making another person feel good. And I’m not trying to be cliche or bring religion into to this, but I believe good people get further and eventually what they deserve. So be strong, and be kind, always.

I was actually going to write about the Chelsea game, but I got really carried away!! Haha I have to blog more often. To be continued..

Love love ❤️

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