Finally 3 points again! Even though I don’t like winning a game on a penalty, and it wasn’t a good game really, it’s a win. And that’s what matters.

It amazes me that a lot of people actually wants us to lose! Just to prove their point about Solskjær or/and the Glazers. Don’t know what to say about that really, or where to start.. and I know it’s a tiny amount of ‘fans’ who wants that, but they are so loud and they shows up on my timeline event though I don’t follow them so it’s on my mind right now after reading it. I won’t go into a discussion with people like that, they are not true United supporters and not worth it. So many have forgotten what’s it all about, and use more energy on arguing with people on who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s still allowed to believe whatever you want to believe , but people need to chill. So many takes it to a personal level in a discussion and it ends up as an argument and people harassing each other. For me, talking about football and United online is a positive thing, I love to read other people’s opinions and even though I don’t always agree with them, it’s good with a discussion of people behave. Criticism is a part of the game, but not abuse. Internet shouldn’t be a toxic place and many need to change their behavior. -Something to think about before you rant over a person or player 🙂

Luckily I live my life in the real world and not on internet so after the game I enjoyed a beer with my friends and talked about the game. We all agreed it wasn’t the best performance but for what we had available of players and desperately needed a win, of course we were super happy! United were the first team to stop Leicester this season, with many players injured. 3 points, and a clean sheet on Old Trafford, I’m happy with that! Also… only 2 points behind City 😂


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