Deadline Day and national break

Normally deadline day is an exciting day but this season I'm quite happy actually and wasn't expecting anything tbh. I had Sky Sports on in the background and refreshed my Twitter now and then but that was it. On a scale from 1-6 I'm giving United a 5 this transfer window. United did their business early and they did it well. Many of us wanted a fourth player but I'm glad we didn't buy just to fill up the squad. My biggest wish was Griezmann and I'm sure he would have been a red now if it wasn't for the transfer ban in Athletico. Maybe next summer? Or already in January?! The number 7 is available and he will fit in perfectly. Looks like many are a bit disappointed about Lindelöf? We can't forget it's not that easy to join a new team and the best league in the world so give him time, he will get his chance and I believe he will do good, he's not called Iceman for nothing right. Mourinho said he will play against Basel and I think that's the right decision. Bailly and Jones has been amazing together! (!!) so changing that isn't the smartest thing to do when we are on a roll! I'm actually a huge fan and of Jones and I'm so happy he's back! Looks like his training routines has changed? Some players just get injured a lot more than others, they all have individual challenges and maybe Jones body isn't made for football training several times a week plus a game on top of it. Football is a very tough sport so if he gets a program made for him and also gets a bit smarter in his duels we will have a great pair with him and Bailly! Even though we need to give every player for our team our support, it's definitely super important to keep our British players and not toss them out if they're having a difficult time. We need them. So I'm really excited about Jones and hopefully Shaw will be back soon.

Matic must be the best transfer this season in the Premier League?! I still can't believe Chelsea let him go 😂 What a rock solid, top player he is!!

Lukaku was my number two on my wishlist after Griezmann and he's already proven him self. I love it when other supporters and the media are criticizing the money United are using and are laughing and making jokes about it and at the same time trying to justify the £92m bid on Lemar- which he rejected!! The prices in this transfer window are crazy but on the good side United are definitely the winners and Lukaku is a bargain! And what about Pogba?!

I HATE national breaks. Suddenly I don't know what to do in the weekend?! Haha but I guess my friends appreciate it tough so last Friday I celebrated Chrissy's birthday- she is also a HUGE UNITED supporter so give her a follow on Instagram! Her username is Christinahenriette and what's not to love about her?! She loves United, beer and tequila… when I think about she's my soulmate 😂❤

The weekend was good but it's not the same without football! I follow England and Norway but it's not with the passion I got for United. So I can't wait for this weekend and Premier League! My birthday is September 11 and since I couldn't decide which weekend to celebrate I landed on both; this and the next weekend. It's on a Monday so in my head it made perfectly sense to have one weekend here in Oslo to celebrate and then do the same in Manchester next weekend! Manchester United vs Everton will be a good game to watch live. Rooney back again for the first time as a blue..

But first we're meeting Stoke away in the league and then finally we are back in the Champions League!! Suddenly it's ok to have a drink in the weekdays 😂 joking, but being back means so much. It's been embarrassing not to be with the best team in Europe.

September is a busy month for United! We have 7 games in 21 days. That means a tight schedule for me as well 😁 United couldn't started better in the league but it's now it really begins! We are actually "lucky" this time; Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Pool have some tough games ahead of themselves and United need to continue the strike when we know for sure some of them will drop points.

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2 thoughts on “Deadline Day and national break

  1. Me leda no serien etter 4 kampar.Hipp Hurra!
    Klar forbetring frå i fjor.
    Men eg sa det tidleg i sesongen og i for-sesongen og eg seie det no:Eg synst Morata er betre enn Lukaku,han er i allefall meir fotballsmart!Begge to kjem til å scora mange mål,men Real ville ikkje selga Morata til oss så da må me heller ta til takke med bulldozaren som går rett fram i staden for den meir smarte Morata.
    So får me sjå kor me endar på tabellen!

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