Poty so far and finally football is back!

Oh my, two months since my last blog post. I have not been so active on my social media so apologies! Corona hit us all hard and I hope you all are still safe and good. I have used this time mostly to get trough my school semester alone (digital classes of course) and who would have thought I would end this class year as an A- student?! Very happy with that of course and finally I have summer vacation!

But what is life without football?! It’s very boring indeed.. The German league started again so I’ve been watching that for a while now and some golf, and now every league that’s hasn’t been voided has started again, but of course it’s the premier league we all have been waiting for. And FINALLY!! Today’s the day! It feels so strange having it back and what a treat we have coming (hopefully haha). I was so gutted with the euro being canceled because I was looking forward to seeing football all summer, and now it’s United games in stead all summer. Jeeez, this may be one of the best summers after all..

I have so much on my mind these days, our wedding got canceled because of Corona and it’s been really sad because we both wanted to get married and be husband and wife, start our life for real together, but it all stopped without being able to do a thing about it. But maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? We have now changed a lot of the originally plans and planned the best wedding party ever. It’s so me and Alex and I can’t wait to celebrate us with our close ones! The date is getting close now and it’s constantly on my mind. A very good feeling of course ❤️
When a very good friend of mine in the UK gave me the date for the first United game I thought he was joking. Premier League back in June with the country not close to being under control? Well, that’s the UK I guess.. and in football it’s business over anything it seems.. I still don’t think it’s safe, my opinion it should be voided but that again would have made it very hard with picking top 4 and relegation. I’m not complaining at all that it starts again, but I do feel sorry for the players that’s concerned for their family and health. And what happens if (when..) many players on the same team tests positive? I guess time will tell..

And yes, Liverpool will win the league but I don’t give a f… about that to be honest. I don’t like it, but I do laugh a little bit over the fact that they will be celebrating alone 😂 Call me small minded if you want to 😁 But, with that said, they did deserve it. They have been the best team. Am I disappointed every team in the top 6 hasn’t been able to give them a real contest? Of course, this happened at the best time for them, but that’s football. And I’d rather see this team win than the season with Slippy G and especially Suarez. I guess I’m really growing up since I’m more concerned about my own team than talking shit about Liverpool 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Anyhow, as I was thinking of the season so far and the POTY strike me, and for once I have many candidates! Just that proves United under Solskjær are going the right way. I always write about the season after it’s done, rating it and the players, but as the season stopped and will soon start again I guess we have to wait and see when it’s finished who’s been the best player. But, as I said, this season many players have improved and impressed! So who should be our (so far) PLAYER OF THE YEAR?


Not to be mean, but never ever did I believe I would mention this name under a POTY award. He was a massive disappointment tbh and I couldn’t understand why we bought him- especially for that price?! But credit where credit is due. Fred has really improved and impressed me the last months before Corona. When we really needed it, he stepped up. It seems like something just clicked and finally he fit the team. He seems like a favorite to win this year actually and people that work hard should be awarded, he’s not my favorite though and that’s because someone else has been more consistent and an absolute fit for the team in the future. It will be very interesting to see his progress, if he continues this way it will be hard to pick out midfield!


…or McSauce as we like to call him🔥 I LOVE his passion and he’s like Fred this season,  improved and impressed me so much! Came into the first team and fought for his place from day one. I love the fighting spirit, and the goal against City.. I’ve watched it so many times now that I have memorized every move 😂 What a way to “end the season”! This is a player that I know will only be stronger and better, his performance hasn’t been a phase, he will be a key player for us for many years I’m sure. Unfortunately injured too much of this “season” to get the POTY award for now.


My favorite player in the team. Born. Bred. Always red. Our man Rash has stepped up to be a top striker and given us so many important goals. Talent and performance always speak the loudest, but to have an own produced top player are always something special. He loves his club and town and the way he contributes to the society (long before Covid-19) is amazing. He cares about the fans and always gives 100%. Unfortunately he has also been out too long with injury to be considered POTY so far, but maybe when the season ends?


This man has really stepped up for the team as well, both on pitch and outside. He’s taken so much initiative to build the team spirit and I believe that’s so important! He seems like a strong and important character to have in the team and as our captain he’s done a very good job so far, he’s a natural leader. Many fans have Maguire as a favorite this year and I understand that. He was a very important buy for Solskjær and will continue to be a rock in defense the next 5-10 years hopefully.


He came in and man, I knew our midfield was screaming after new players and Bruno really showed us what we had been missing!! It’s a shame we bought him so late because our position in the league would better if we had him in August and most likely be fighting with Liverpool and not for top 4.

So over to my favorite this season;

1, 2, 3, 4…


One word I’ve used over and over again the last seasons also describe this player’s performance: CONSISTENT! Since we bought him he has been the first choice on the right back and he’s been solid from day one. Even though I want United to be an attacking team, a good and strong team is nothing without a good defense and finally our team is starting to look like that. Wan Bissaka has definitely deserved to be our POTY this short and strange season.

With the season back on now this can of course change! I woke up at 5am today and I can’t fall back to sleep. Excited don’t describe this feeling. United is back people!!!! We get to see our team today!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for the Bruno+Pogba linkup for so long now! My preferred midfield will be them with McTominay to give the team balance, but with Pogba back from injury and no real game time yet we can’t have our expectations too high. The players that’s been injured will be matched carefully so picking the lineup will be hard! With that said, United looks really prepared, I’ve enjoyed seeing all the training pictures with them all back together. Makes me smile as big as Martial lately. And that’s a sentence I’d never thought I would write 😂😂
Except from training pictures and the latest news of today’s game about injuries (Tuanzebe and Jones are ruled out) I haven’t read anything about United in a long time. And it’s been good! Sometimes you need a break and when there’s no football you won’t see me reading rumors etc, for me it’s pointless and I try not to get involved to be honest.

But with football back, Ann Mari is also back! I look forward to update my blog and Instagram every week now with my favorite topic! As I said, I’m already over-excited for tonight and it will be a long wait, but hopefully worth it! Spurs is a top team, and it’s hard to say now how the two team will play, we don’t know how much this lockdown has affected their fitness. What I do believe is that this period our players has stepped up and done an amazing job for the society and for themselves. We can be proud to have these guys in our team and especially Rashford. I think the boys are ready for action and even though it won’t be an easy game, I hope United will fight it off. I’ll put out my predictions on Instagram later.

And last but not least: COME ON UNITED!!

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