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It’s really not fun to be a United supporter these days. I’m an ‘all or nothing person’ and with United I’m all in, that will never change. But I have to admit it’s hard these days. Not because we lose games, not because we’re not top of the league. It’s because we’re in what I feel a hopeless situation. There is no quick fix for our club and for each day that goes by, it seems like we’re deeper and deeper into our own shit.

My last blogpost was ahead of Juve and City. You can’t really get a tougher week than facing those two teams away. It’s hard for any team, any day. But we won in Turin and it was amazing. It’s those nights I live for, and to fight back after the whole world has written you off and want you to lose, man, no feeling in the world is better than that. I can live on that for a long time. But City certainly brought me quickly enough back to reality. We are just not good enough to face the best teams, we got outclassed and it was fully deserved. And that wasn’t really a surprise, but I honestly thought the weeks after would be easier.

Finally United was back at home ground and playing Crystal Palace should be great right? Bring some positivity back. The result, 0-0 at Old Trafford is more upsetting than being humiliated by the corrupt City team. No apologies in the world is good enough, the only one who gets approved is Lindelof, he fought for his team like a hero. If every player on the pitch that day did that he could have come off earlier and we could manage being one man down. Another shit result and another injury.

Young Bous; we did the job. Won the game, three points and qualified to the knockout stages in the Champions League. Hurray! We all should be happy now?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but this is the first game- ever- I seriously doubted EVERYTHING. The game against Crystal Palace was horrible but this game was the final drop. A mate described it perfectly and I stand behind those words 100%: ‘there is no joy any longer at Manchester United. No joy from the manager, no joy from the players and no joy for the supporters. Just joyless.’

Joyless. That’s the word. A word I NEVER thought I’d be using to describe my club. It’s gone too far now and changes has to happen now. Even if everything would be the managers fault, the players are not doing their job either. They have a duty to entertain, no matter what the starting Xl would be, our team are good enough to win against the smaller team. The tactics and the line-up is on Mourinho, I don’t agree on what he does at all sometimes. But it’s clearly that the players doesn’t support him. If they did they would give a little effort. So it may be all the players fault, but it will be the head of the boss that will roll. Because that’s how it is. It’s always the manager that has to leave when things goes wrong. Right now I just want to feel some positivity, be entertained. It will be a very interesting game tonight because of the players understand the seriousness they will try. If they want Mourinho they wont. If we lose today afraid he will be sacked. I know the bastards on the top may wait until too 4 is out of the picture so they can save some money, but if they want him out and that’s the plan I want it to happen now. I still believe that’s not gonna change everything. But do it now rather than when it’s too late.

I just landed in rainy Manchester and I got mixed feelings about tonight’s game. Of course I want us to win, but it won’t be easy. The thing I hate most now is that every team arrives to Old Trafford with the feeling that they will win this. It’s us that’s insecure- on our own home ground?! That’s f… crazy.

It’s hard for us now, I’m trying to be optimistic or at least try make the situation feel a little bit better for all us red and I’m gonna end this post with saying that even though it’s hard now, we all feel a little low. But there’s no better feeling than being a RED.


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