How important is pre-season?

Pre-season, silly-season.. The fans are split on how important this 'season' is and how much they put into it. I watch every game, even though it's in the middle of the night and I got work hours later. It's not the regular matchday feeling- at all! But it's still a game and I want to see 'my' players in action. Massive respect to all the foreign supporters that does this regularly!

It won't 'kill' me if we lose a game, but it's always a indicator on how they played. Pre-season is for me first of all to get the players fit. To work as a team and try out different tactics, it's also team building that hopefully makes the team stronger for the upcoming season.

But this is maybe the most important pre-season in a long time? United gotta make sure they are ready for Leicester and without several key players, the players we have available MUST be fit and ready. The more I think about it, the more concerned I get. Leicester is not an easy game, at all. With all our players available, we should win every day of the week against them. But in this situation I'm not sure. Only Tottenham got more players not available, but there's no point using this as an excuse. It is what it is, and United need to prepare for it. It's Mourinho and his staffs job to make sure they got a starting XI fit and ready for the first round. I'm going to write more deeply about my thoughts for the upcoming season in my next blog post, but I can already say that we won't win the Premier League this season if this is our squad when the league kicks off. We are up there, of course we got a chance, but City is a way better, stronger team. They have solid back ups, we don't. So if we're going to have a chance we have to have a perfect start and don't mess up.

That's why this pre-season is so important. Winning the games isn't what's matter, but getting the team fit and that THEY PLAY AS A TEAM. If they do that, they will also win games. It goes hand in hand. I've watched the first game, twice actually and even though I don't put too much in it, it was poor. Too slow and bad passes. Boring. Also good moments, Chong showed his skills and many young boys got the chance to play. Matas goal was good football. Matic has joined the team now and the same with Sanchez. I think it's blameworthy that the club didn't sort his visa out before they left, but he's there now and he will with no doubt be the player (with Martial) who needs to step up from game week 1!

Tonight United plays against San Jose Earthquake. I think this game will be better. The players aren't jet lagged anymore, they've been training well and more used to the temperature.

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2 thoughts on “How important is pre-season?

  1. I totally agree with you, pre season is important to implement tactics, try out talent and from my point of view the best place to see how youngsters and new signings fit into the squad. Unfortunately, we are missing our best players, and in my opinion, new signings. I believe its key to have new players participating in pre season, to include them in the social groups. I thing Liverpool (and God I hate to say this) has done a good transfer market, and are already playing their new signings in pre season.
    Hopefully we can land Alex Sandro soon, along with a central defender and a right winger. Looks like Maguire and potentially Douglas Costa or Coman could be headed for the Theatre of Dreams.
    Enjoy the game 🙂

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