A busy week ahead

New week, new games! Two big games ahead of us with Champions League tomorrow night and derby on Sunday. It’s two very important games for United and we need to win them both. I saw the poll RedArmyBet had on Twitter, would you take two draws against Juventus and City if you were offered it now? I will never answer yes on that, I expect United to play for a win every single time. 51% agreed with me, but we know it’s different times now when 49% said they would take two draws..

United need to improve drastically this week, we cannot expect to turn the game around if we’re under against Juventus or City. You all know what I think about our defense and the game on Saturday was again a failure at that point. The first half was a disaster to be honest. It was some really good football just before Martials goal and that’s about it. I’m always happy for a win, and a late winner like that is amazing- but also frustrating because United should be better!

I really like the ‘French connection’ at the moment and I hope we get to see more of that and Martial, Alexis and Rash from start this week. Lukaku need to understand you have to play at your best and deliver, which he unfortunately haven’t done lately. So resting him and let other start is a good choice at the moment.

Uniteds squad is definitely filled with lots of talent, but the problem with the attack in my eyes are that it’s so predictable. You can ‘read’ their next move. So that is also a reason to not play Lukaku from start. And when we’re talking about rest, Matic need to be benched now. I must bring a bad luck to players when I buy shirts because he’s been really poor lately. We can’t afford playing with a sloppy midfield now. I hope we start with Herrera tomorrow, he played a big part in the second half against Bournemouth.

This is the most difficult week so far this season for United and I hope the win this weekend has given the boys fresh motivation. I kind of have the same feeling now and when we played Juventus at home, I was feeling a bit optimistic. We lost that game, but the football was at times very very good so fingers crossed for another good game that ends with a win to United!

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2 thoughts on “A busy week ahead

  1. Sjølv om me vart utspelte av City i dag so var det i allefall ein Legende i studio som heldt med oss,og da snakkar eg om Owen Hargreaves.Heilt tydeleg at han er ein av oss.Hugsar ikkje sesongen.men han bles eit frispark i mål mot Arsenal og me vann ligaen det året!Kjempespelar som var uheldig med skader.
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