Manchester United-Juventus

This will be my third trip to Manchester this season, and definitely the most special one. I’m taking my youngest nephew over for the first time and we’re both crazy about Manchester United and also Ronaldo, so seeing this game with him live mean a lot. It will for sure be a memory for life for us both and I will try to make this trip very special for him.

We’re as we speak in the lounge at the airport in Oslo and we’re both so excited. Manchester United vs Juventus, what a game! It doesn’t get much bigger than this and I really love the big games. Late Champions League games at Old Trafford, ah, I get goosebumps thinking of it..

my first thought when we got Juve was that I’m going, and I’m wearing one of my Ronaldo shirts! But I got a text yesterday from a friend that made me insecure. She meant I really couldn’t wear that tomorrow. For me it’s a tribute to one of my all time favorite United players, to show him the respect and honor him in what most likely will be his last visit to Old Trafford. She said any other day, but not tomorrow. And I know he will do anything to win. So I really get her point too, and when I asked on Twitter most said no, don’t wear it. On Instagram most said yes 😂 so definitely different options on that. And those who knows me know I’ll do whatever I want anyway, I just agree on both options so it’s hard 😂🤔 To be sure I packed five shirts so I got options! No matter what shirt I’ll choose to wear, when Ronaldo walk on the pitch I’ll give him the best welcome ever, but when the whistle blows…it’s game time 😈

Will we win tonight? Juve is favorites, but as I said before Chelsea, you really don’t know what you get these days. I haven’t blogged since before Newcastle and OH MY GOD those games almost killed me. I got so much to say about everything that’s in the media, but I don’t have time to do that now and I’m staying positive! I’m prepared to lose tonight, but I hope the guys will give their all. I’m so happy for Martial and hope he starts tonight, I think it’s a perfect game for him.

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