Comeback kings

Yesterday's game was crazy! Crazy good, crazy bad- it had everything! First half was really, really bad. It was shocking and maybe the worst I've seen under Mourinho. Before the game I wrote about the lack of passion from certain players and it seemed like we didn't want to win the game! After first half I was so pissed off, said to my boyfriend I wanted to turn that shit off and go to bed. Haha, but of course we didn't. We sat there like two idiots screaming at the tv, being 2-0 under for Crystal f**king Palace!

Second half, United put pressure on and suddenly they played football! WHY(!!!) can't them play this more often and not because we're down 2-0?? I will never understand that. Must stress the players as well. I sat there knowing this is 100% not good for my heart!

1-2, 2-2! Ok, being happy with that result says it all, but at least we came back.

Overtime and BOOOM! Magic Matic! I couldn't believe it, what a goal! I had totally forgot how good a last minute winner was! We all remember those feelings under Fergie and coming back shows character! We needed to go into the weekend with a win. I'm far from happy with the performance, but result is what matters. We won! We knocked the scousers down from the second place and we are ready to face them on Saturday.

Scenes ❤

I love this game!

One thought on “Comeback kings

  1. Godt dere er fornøyd med 2-3!men slik dere har spilt under jose,så håper jeg dere kommer under LFC!og at jose blir sparka!dere fortjener en bedre trener!ikke at jose ikke er flink eller god!men han er ikke rett trener for dere!så bra lag dere har nå og så mye under prestisjoner av spillere!united skulle lekt seg i går,men istede blir en hard kamp!

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