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Tonight's the Player of the year award in Manchester and something I always been watching. Herrera was the winner last year and before that, De Gea with 3 years on the road. Crazy for being a goalkeeper, but that's how important he is for our club. And he's deserved it every year.

This season my top 5 is De Gea, Lukaku, Matic, Pogba and Lingard.

Lingard had his breakthrough season and I'm so happy for him. I've always been a fan and think it's embarrassing to read all the hate he gets by his own supporters. But he just kept on fighting and this season work payed off. He's been exceptional and I know that if Lingard starts a game, he will keep working every minute he's on the pitch. Scored a lot of great goals and also a good ambassador for Manchester United.

Lukaku has had a massive impact for the club and with 27 goals definitely one of our best players this season.

Matic was one of the best signings in the Premier League this season and came in to the midfield as a blessing! A very important player for us, also scored one of the best goals this season?!

Pogba is world class, a massive player and sometimes what he does is magic. Just not consistent enough to be the best this season but it's coming. Still very important for our team and a nightmare for our opponents if he can play free.

De Gea has proven now he's the best goal keeper in the world. If you don't agree, you don't know football. He's number 1 in the world and for us. How many points has he saved for us? He's the only player that's been consistent and deserves the Sir Matt Busby Player of the year trophy. 100%

Your thoughts?

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