Practice makes perfect

What's better than starting the day with a United match and a win?! Not much to be honest..

My last blog post was about pre-season and my thoughts about it. And as I said, it's not necessarily about the result. It's first of all match training and getting the players fit. But if they play good together and are fit, they will win- it goes hand in hand. And the two first games was poor. That was 90 min x 2 I'd rather use on sleep. There's been some good moments, but over all, not good football. The game against San Jose Earthquake was really bad, so bad that I was pissed off of the end of it. It wasn't because we didn't win, but certain players need to WAKE UP. Martials attitude was the worst, he didn't even try to hide it. He- of all players should be the one that's fit and ready for matches. He's now on his way to France again because his girlfriend is giving birth to his second child and that's fair enough. But that's bad timing for him. His disappointed so far and we might not see him again. I hope he'll stay. But I want him to stay because he wants to be a part of United and keep fighting for a place in the team. Unfortunately I don't think he's motivated for that. If we sell him it will cost so that's good, but honestly, no clubs will match his salary so we'll see what's more important for him. He's a huge talent so I really want him in our team, but he can't behave like a moody brat. With that said, I wish him all the best with the new baby and fingers crossed his personal life is all good and calmed now.

This night/ morning we played against AC Milan and Sanchez goal was a banger! Great ball from Mata. I really like seeing them pairing up. Promising. The players did good, but Shaw disappointed me today. And that's bad because he will be starting the season and I want him to get back to where he was before his injury. Seeing party pictures and his beer belly on Ibiza literally drove me mad crazy. I know he went back and worked out, but the signals to the fans and Mourinho isn't good at all. He need to focus and this season is make it or break it for Luke.

Smalling, again, shows his not good enough for United. Unfortunately- I really like the guy! And he's vegan😂🙌❤ I want him as a squad player, like a second or third choice ok, but we'll concede lots of goals because of him so we need something solid. He's too often out of position and I can see the goal coming before he can read the game.

Andreas has been good and today he was great, confident and hopefully a player that we'll see a lot of next season! It's good to see players who wants to pass forward!

Darmian was handed the captaincy today 🙈 and yes, I understand why. It's probably his last game for United and a nice gesture. But I'm not a fan (at all!) of the captain badge being thrown around as it's been the last seasons. It's a serious task and it should be given to players that deserve it because they have leader skills. Need to sell Darmian ASAP, I liked him and Blind so no shaming, but none of them fitted the team so fair enough to see them leave. Players out=players in. (Did you hear that Woodward?!)

The game ended 9-8 after a penalty shootout and it's a good feeling we have the best keeper in the world, and also number two and three is world class.

Next game is Saturday night and against Liverpool. And even though it's only pre-season and a 'friendly game', it's never friendly against the scousers…

7 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. Den drakten er veldig dyr…men anbefaler at du kjøper den hos der er den billigere.

  2. Enjoyed reading your views always interested to read intelligently written and thought out stuff about united rather than somebof the insulting drivel that gets pidted a lot.
    Of course i dont agree with all you write . Not because ivdeserve a medal cos watching football is a very selfish activity but in the last 35 years maybe ive missed 10 competitive matches including sbroad. IBefore then i was studying but made all the homes and some aways.
    I mention it because ive never felt less interested. And that is down to 1 thing only the manager and his negative hater attitude. Not a surprise but worse than it was and i think hes probably past the sell by date. Hes a divisive egomaniac.
    I think Smalling was ozr best centre back after Xmas and if pkaying with Bailly who Mourinho had yet another if his famous sulks with well be fine. Mb he signs someone else . Jones and Rojo wont do.
    Wouldnt worry too much about captaincy in a friendly far more worried that he likes a captain who diesnt communicate in English and is no real leader.
    I agree with u about Pereira sadly dont expect to see much if him with Mourinho preferring defensive mf players Matic Fellaini McTOminay and Herrera. Fellaini and Hrrrera can be more than that but nit with Mourinho
    Ladtly fir niw dint fall fir the Mourinho im not resondible fir anything unless its good garbage
    He does gave a respinsibity with new players. The days of expecting people to sign just cos its Man Utd are gine competing on a wirld stage. He isnt an attraction nir is his style of football. He says he diesnt know why Perisic didnt come mb run out if mirrors in his hotel.
    So managers do speak with pmayers fergie was good at it. Mourinho wants to talk about himself Seville an apalling example of that.

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