I’m back

I haven't blogged in over a month? I'm definitely not happy with that- shame on me! I've been working like crazy, over 70hours every week, went to New York, got so jet lagged and then I got the flu so I honestly haven't had time or energy to write and that sucks, because I really enjoy it. But, I'm back and I will do better from now on 😁

I can't wait for the weekend and I'm counting days until I'm back in Manchester! The biggest match every year is definitely United-Liverpool and I'm in town no matter what. No team are better to beat than Liverpool, they've been good lately so I think it's gonna be an exciting game for sure!! Friday I'm at the Hotel Football with RedArmyBet where we're having a party for redarmybet members! Brian Mcclair and Lee Martin will be there and it's gonna be a fun evening!

Even though most of my thoughts are on Saturdays big game, we can't forget about tonight. Monday and MATCHDAY! United are in London and we're facing Crystal Palace tonight. I expect a victory and even though City will win the league I believe it's better to finish second than third. Especially when it's the scousers breathing us in the neck.

This season has so far been a roller coaster, a lot of ups and downs. We've been fantastic, top of the league, played entertainment football and things were pretty bright and then everything collapsed. We got serious injuries and even though that will set any team back, I honestly expected more of United. The part that still worries me are the lack of consistency. I still can't understand how we lost against Newcastle, how bad wasn't the game?! Thank god they served vodka early in New York because the game was a disaster and we deserved to lose, it was painful to watch.

We have been unlucky this season, but luck, or if you're unlucky, happens to every team. When something happens time after time it's a habit and not about how lucky you are. Some days United play with so little passion that all I want is to turn off the tv or go home. Sometimes I feel our team consists of overpaid boys not knowing how lucky they are playing for United. Everyone can have a bad day, but losing against Newcastle and Huddersfield is unacceptable. 100%. Another thing I can't understand is why Shaw and Lindelöf doesn't get more trust. They are both a part of the future so they need to play?! Lindelöf had some starting issues adapting to the league but he is better than Smalling. Seriously.

The players need to step up now because it's some important games ahead of us. The thought of facing the best team in Europe scares me, we are not good enough, but everything can happen in the cup! If United play at their best, of course we got a chance. Our team got so much potential, so much strength, pace and creativity! But they're forced to play in a defensive way that kills the joy out of this game. We're playing at home the next two games so we can't park the bus. We need to attack! But first thing first; Crystal Palace away. I believe we will win 2-0 tonight!

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