I started on a blog post yesterday but I was too mad to get anything down on paper. What the f**k happened with United on Saturday?! Man, I was pissed off. I can't remember United playing that poorly in a long time. I hate every loss, but if we lose by a better team it's fair and I can respect it. Non of the reds that played against Huddersfield get my respect because they were all crap. We lost because United didn't want to win. And words can't describe how crazy mad that gets me!! Seems like the players don't know the meaning behind words like passion, fighting, hunger, desire, fearless… words that should describe a player for United! They totally gave up and didn't do their job. This should have been an easy game.. And I know, non of the games in the Premier League are easy! Because if you got the spirit and never give up you can beat the best. And that was exactly what Huddersfield did. They outplayed us and we looked like fools running around. We got one Swedish hero in our team and he was definitely not the one who played now, I've been giving Lindelöf time before I judged him, he needs to adapt to the league- but- the mistakes he did was shocking. He was shaky and didn't look comfortable at all. But all in all we lost because the whole team was bad. It's not only Lindelöf and Matas fault, it was a team defeat and they all should be blamed. I hope Mourinho says and does exactly what he feel to do so they understand that this attitude isn't appreciated here. I was chocked to hear Herreras interview and can only imagine Mourinhos reaction behind closed doors. Many players deserves to be on the bench but the injury-list gets longer and longer so we need to play with Herrera and Lukaku against Spurs. Do they deserve it? Absolutely not.

Losing games like this worries me because it can happen again. When you don't know if the player got the motivation it's difficult to know anything. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe this was a one thing accident and they are back today with a new attitude.

We are playing Swansea away in the Carabao Cup tonight and it should be an easy game but I've had that feeling before and we all know what happened! Haha so I won't say anything about it, just cross my fingers that the boys are back in fighting mood.

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